Events* Be Inspired! Lecture: Professor Liz Mossop
22 May 2019 to 22 May 2019

Be Inspired! Lecture: Professor Liz Mossop

What We Don't Know We Are Learning: The Power of the Hidden Curriculum

Public Lecture

As part of the Eleanor Glanville Centre’s Be Inspired! lecture series, the University’s Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Liz Mossop for her talk, 'What We Don't Know We Are Learning: The Power of the Hidden Curriculum'.

Simply being in a complex learning environment like a university or indeed a workplace means that we are developing other knowledge, skills and behaviours through the power of the hidden curriculum. The hidden curriculum was first described in the context of the school classroom – as well as learning how to write and do sums, children were noted to be learning 'the rules of the game'. Strong role models influence their behaviour and attitudes, and further elements such as rules and rituals also make up this hidden curriculum. This is also classically described in the training of medical students, with their professional behaviour being most strongly influenced both positively and negatively by aspects of the environment in which they are being taught.

This talk will question the concept of the curriculum and what we think we are teaching or learning. Professor Mossop will draw on her own research and discuss how the hidden curriculum can be a positive influence when we are encouraged to reflect on our own development. It will inspire you to reconsider what you know about how we learn, and how to teach students more effectively.

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