Sports Scholarship

This Sports Scholarship for undergraduate and postgraduate students has been established to support up to ten athletes in their pursuit of excellence. This scholarship is available for existing students and 2021/22 entrants.

Scholarship Amount

Up to £1,000 each is available to ten individual applicants, per academic year, who meet the eligibility criteria.

Selection Criteria

Students must fulfil the normal academic requirements of their course, participate at a national or international level in a sport recognised by Sport England and be prepared to represent the University of Lincoln in a sporting and ambassadorial role.

Athletes who are eligible to apply and who may be entitled to bursary support must meet the following criteria:

  • You must fulfil the normal academic requirements of the course that you are applying for
  • You would normally participate in a sport that is recognised by Sport England and currently be performing at a National or International level or be able to demonstrate strong evidence that you have the potential to achieve this standard
  • The performer will receive additional benefits that include exercise testing, strength and conditioning, nutritional advice and lifestyle management. 25% of your grant will be allocated to this resource, which will include gym membership of the University’s Sport Centre.

How to Apply

For further information on the Sports Scholarship, please email‌‌.

The deadline for applications for 2021 entrants is Wednesday 27th October 2021.

Application form: Sports Scholarship Form.

Additional Information

Further information regarding this scholarship can be found within the Terms and Conditions for the University's Bursaries and Scholarships (PDF).

For more information about fees, please visit our Fees and Funding page.