Biofeedback in Sport

Biofeedback in Sport

The BIO group aims to apply and understand realtime biofeedback in enhancing sport performance. Biofeedback, particularly in realtime, has rarely been used in applications to sport. Using a mixture of fundamental laboratory and applied field based studies we aim to understand the processes and uses of biofeedback in sports performers.

What are we Doing?

The BIO’s research aims are to apply and understand realtime biofeedback in enhancing sport and human performance. This has been applied to improve performance of top-level rifle shooters, to understand the effects of hypnotic drugs, and is being applied in the development of young golfers’ skills.


Why is it important?

Human movement is fundamental to all the actions we perform whether it be for sport, leisure or work. The study of this movement is known as biomechanics, which has been performed for centuries. The ever increasing capabilities of technology allow biomechanics to continually investigate how humans, and other living and moving organisms, are able to achieve and improve their motions.    


How are we different?

There are many approaches to biomechanics, but our particular specialism is to use biofeedback, which involves measuring movement in ‘realtime’ and providing information to the performer instantaneously. The information can be simple and complex, and so we investigate the most suitable and effective way to use this information so that the person can understand and use the biofeedback to improve technique.


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Academic Staff

Prof David Mullineaux

Professor in Sports Science

Dr Sandy Willmott

Senior Lecturer

Dan Bishop

Senior Lecturer

Research PGs 


Anthony Gorman

PhD Student

Franky Mulloy

PhD Student

Andrew Collinson 

PhD Student

Catherine Shin

PhD Student


Sarah Reaney 


PhD Student
Jodie Levick Masters Student
Biofeedback in Sport BioFeedback in Sport
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