Personal Tutors

The role of the Personal Tutor is to:

  • Help their students settle into university and develop their awareness of the diverse demands higher level of study
  • Help their students understand the academic context within which they are working, so that they can assess their academic development and match their level of success to their capabilities
  • Tutor their group in basic study skills and group skills
  • Provide a regular point of contact for queries about academic progress
  • Provide a point of referral to appropriate support services, where if required
  • Where appropriate, Personal Tutors can advise students to contact the appropriate ‘Year Tutor’ and/or module coordinator, for further advice and support.

Year Tutors

In concrete terms, Year Tutors are responsible for granting extensions for course work (however these can only be granted to students’ who have suitable evidence of mitigating circumstances), assisting students submitting extenuating circumstances and helping students with academic anxieties. They can also offer advice if students are considering changing their degree, suspending or withdrawing from their studies for any reason. Year Tutors have a system of office hours when they are available to see students but can be approached at any time via email or telephone (including voicemail). Their contact details are widely available including on notice boards, in year handbooks and the University's intranet via Blackboard.