Overseas Study

Students from the School of Social and Political Sciences have the opportunity to enrol at partner institutions in the USA, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands during the third year of their undergraduate degree programme*.

The Study Abroad Initiative is available to those who have successfully completed years 1 and 2 of their degree and enables students to spend a year studying overseas during what would be their third year of study. During the year abroad students will not pay a tuition fee to either the University of Lincoln or their host university. Students will be responsible for their travel and accommodation costs in addition to their normal living costs throughout the year. Where applicable, visa costs will also need to be covered by the student. Students will then return to the University of Lincoln to complete the final year of their degree.

The initiative enables students to experience their subject from a different perspective and to explore different societies and cultures.

*Only a limited number of places are available‌‌‌


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Recent staff and student visits and exchanges have taken place with institutions including:

All of these institutions have a significant amount of teaching available in English. Language skills are not therefore an essential prerequisite for involvement.

If you would like any further information on the oveseas study programme please contact:  

Also, please don't forget to visit the University of Lincoln International Office

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