Science Facilities

College of Science Research Facilities

  • A multi-million pound Science and Innovation Park, established in collaboration with Lincolnshire Co-operative, provides laboratories for pharmaceutical and biological sciences as well as spaces for other scientific, industrial and engineering development enterprises
  • The Science Centre, which houses an analytical chemistry laboratory with state-of-the-art apparatus for the analysis of solid, liquid and gas samples and cutting-edge equipment for research into improving forensic science techniques
  • Facilities for research in the biological sciences, including equipment for the growth of mammalian and human cell cultures, instruments for DNA, RNA and protein analysis, and a category 2 microbiology laboratory for the safe handling, growth and study of micro-organisms at category 1 or 2 level
  • Specialist laboratories for the study of animal behaviour, cognition and welfare, including a cold-blooded vertebrates cognition laboratory, invertebrates collection, companion animal behaviour centre and a dog training centre
  • An imaging suite including a number of high-specification microscopes used for high resolution and 3D analysis, probe analysis of the surface of specimens and nanoparticle analysis, useful for research in both engineering and life sciences
  • The purpose-built Engineering Hub, with specialist laboratories, including a laser laboratory, which facilitates research within a wide range of wavelength spectra and power levels, a fully equipped metrology laboratory, which houses equipment for the study and manipulation of surfaces, and a bespoke research rig for the testing of high-speed rotating machinery
  • Siemens have co-located global product training facilities and equipment in the Engineering Hub, including large-scale atmospheric chambers for advanced combustion research
  • High-end technical resources for computer science, including full design software platforms for the design and simulation of custom CMOS integrated circuits and programmable logic; together with universal test facilities for imaging devices
  • A well-appointed robotics laboratory with a number of state-of-the-art platforms, including Metralabs Scitos-G5 mobile robot, Pioneer 3-AT mobile robot, AirRobot AR100B aerial robot, Philips iCat interaction robot and a large number of other platforms for research projects
  • The National Centre for Food Manufacturing is fitted with the latest food manufacturing equipment, including automated fresh food weighing and packaging lines with robotic case packing, a sensory evaluation suite, product development kitchen, microbiology and food chemistry analytical laboratories, and a library, with access to specialist food collections and databases
  •  A 240-hectare arable farm and 180-hectare mixed farm estate facilitate research into agriculture, animal welfare, ecology and plant biology.

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