School Seminars

Upcoming for Autumn 2018

School Seminars, School of Psychology (Wednesdays 2-3pm, SSB0102 & SSB0103)

All students and staff welcome.

26th Sep

Dr. Tracey Thornborrow

University of Lincoln

Masculinity, Muscularity and the media: are current models useful for non-White, non-Western populations?

3rd Oct

Dr. Catherine Hobaiter

University of St. Andrews

Without Words: How do we investigate meaning in great ape communication

10th Oct

Professor Rob Ward

Bangor University

Objective appearance of neuroticism

17th Oct

Dr. Katie Gray

Reading University

Emotional face processing


24th Oct

Dr. Sammyh Khan

Keele University

Social Identity, Collective Experience, and Health: The Prayag Magh Mela

31st Oct

Dr. Julia Föcker

University of Lincoln

Neural Bases of Enhanced Attentional Control: Lessons from Action Video Game Players

7th Nov

Dr. Scott Cairney

University of York

Mechanisms of Memory Processing in the Sleeping Brain

14th Nov

Dr. Lynda Boothroyd

Durham University

Cultural and ecological predictors of face and body ideals in the context of rapid globalisation.

21st Nov

Dr. Catherine Preston

University of York

The Changing Body: Adapting to normal bodily changes during a lifespan

28th Nov

Dr. Tessa Flack

University of Lincoln

Facial Viewpoint Representation in the Human Brain

5th Dec

Professor John Duncan

Cambridge University

Brain networks in cognitive control


Upcoming for Spring 2019

23rd Jan

Dr. Henry Lennon

University of Sheffield

Civic Struggles: Critical Psychology reflections on pre-referendum Romanian mover discourse in post-referendum context.

30th Jan

Dr. Tochukwu Onwuegbusi

University of Lincoln

Independent effects of resolution and set size on recognition memory for unfamiliar faces

6th Feb

Professor Jo Clarke

University of York

Should work be fun? Well-being in the work place

13th Feb

Dr.Meredith Wilkinson

De Montfort University

Deontic introduction with conditionals and counterfactuals

20th Feb

No Seminar


27th Feb

No Seminar


6th Mar

Dr. Susanna Curtin

Bournemouth University

Tourism and the Commodification of Wildlife: 'Are we loving animals to death?'

13th Mar

Dr. Kris McCarty

Northumbria University

 Is trouble coming your way? - Inferring threat from gait

20th Mar

Dr.Holger Wiese

Durham University

How do we recognize familiar faces? Evidence from event-related brain potentials

27th Mar

No Seminar


3rd Apr

Dr. Alex Jones

Swansea University

Face regression: Data driven approaches to studying social perception

10th Apr

Dr. Thomas Currie

University of Exeter

New models and new datasets for investigating the cultural evolution and ecology of human social complexity