Learning at Lincoln

Step Ahead with Your Studies

Once you begin your course, you may notice that the way you learn at university is quite different from your experience at college or sixth form. Here at the University of Lincoln, we provide a range of guidance and support to help you make the adjustment and develop the skills required to get the most from your studies.

Visit our Learning at Lincoln site to find tips from current students, advice from tutors and links to resources and support on all aspects of learning and teaching at the University of Lincoln.

Learning at Lincoln site 


Whether you're in a seminar, lecture, or a lab, at university you are likely to be much more actively involved in your learning. The way your course is taught will depend on your subject, but contact time may be in workshops, practical sessions, seminars, or lectures, and may vary from module to module and by year. 

Independent Study

Studying on your own is a big part of university life as you take the lead in defining your own learning journey.

Although you will have timetabled classes to introduce you to key themes and concepts, you will be expected to expand your knowledge through self-directed study outside of the classroom.

“University requires more independent work – at the start, you may be set reading prep for seminars but all in all, students are expected to tailor reading personally to what they wish to specialise in. This results in students getting the most from their degree as they are working on an area that interests them and not just because they are made to do so.”

– Rebecca Louise Hepworth – 3rd year Events Management

Help and Support

When you arrive at the University of Lincoln, you will join a friendly, welcoming, and closeknit academic community of staff and students. A variety of help and support is available to students to help you get the most out of your course.

Time Management

Managing your time is a vital skill to learn while at university. Whether it's balancing deadlines, making it to lectures on time or just keeping all your notes in one place, being able to effectively manage your time is a big part of university life.

Read some advice on time managment and organisation or watch the video to hear Talie Colbourne, 3rd Year Journalism student at the University of Lincoln, share her top tips for keeping on top of things.


Academic Skills

From writing academic assignments to taking notes in lectures, university allows you the opportunity to develop new skills and abilities.

Student Support

If you need any advice or information, our dedicated Student Support team are here to help. 

Tel: +44(0)1522 837080

Email: studentsupport@lincoln.ac.uk