FAQs, Maps, and Feedback

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FAQs, Maps, and Feedback

This page has been designed to provide the answers to many of our frequently asked questions, information on how to provide us with your feedback, and links to the essential maps you will need while studying at Lincoln Medical School.

You can also contact us with any further queries:

Lincoln Medical School

e: medicine@lincoln.ac.uk

t: +44(0)1522 837070

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

As you are a new student, you will need to register both in person and online. More information can be found on the Getting Started section of this site.

Where do I need to be on my first day?

You can find out where you need to be using the Welcome Week Timetable.

How will my Students' Union Membership work?

Students at the Lincoln Medical School have the opportunity to join both or either the University of Nottingham Students' Union and the University of Lincoln Students' Union. 

You will be asked about your interest in joining the University of Nottingham Students' Union during the online registration process. If you wish to access your membership of the University of Lincoln Students’ Union please complete the data sharing consent form. You can opt out of either membership at any time. 

Can I switch seminar groups?

Due to clinical/ward capacity and scheduling, once you have been allocated a seminar group you will be unable to switch. 

How are lectures run?

Most teaching sessions will be recorded via the Panopto lecture capture recording system and uploaded onto Moodle (the student e-learning platform). All timetabled teaching sessions will be registered and students will be required to provide a signature to show their attendance.

What if I am unable to attend a lecture/seminar?

If you are ill or have a doctors appointment and cannot attend a teaching session, you should notify us of your absence via the University of Lincoln’s Student Absence Monitoring System accessible via your Gateway or Moodle siteIf your illness continues and causes you to miss multiple days, a note from your doctor will be required to validate your absence. In this instance please contact the Lincoln Medical School Office directly at medicine@lincoln.ac.uk or call 01522 837070.

Please note that repeated non-attendance of teaching sessions without providing prior notification may result as a professionalism issue.

Is there space for me to park at University of Lincoln?

You may be able to apply for a parking permit for University of Lincoln car parks outside of normal business hours – further information about this will be available from Estates.


Can I get printed versions of the handbooks?

To reduce our carbon footprint, the university has now adopted a policy which means that the majority of handbooks and related material will now only be available online. Only in very specific cases will requests for printed versions be accepted. 

What if I want to defer/withdraw my application?

If you would like to defer or withdraw your entry before starting your studies at the Lincoln Medical School, please let us know of your intentions in writing and send to medicine@lincoln.ac.uk.

Once you have started, if you find that you would like to interrupt your studies or withdraw from the course, you must arrange a meeting with the Senior Tutor to notify them and discuss your options. A meeting with the Senior Tutor can be arranged via the Lincoln Medical School Office: medicine@lincoln.ac.uk

You will also need to complete a Voluntary Interruption of Study Form or Withdrawal Form.

More information on the implications of interrupting or withdrawing from your studies.

Can a parent/guardian get in touch with the Lincoln Medical School on my behalf? 

Parents and guardians are more than welcome to contact the Lincoln Medical School with any general queries related to either the University of Lincoln or the University of Nottingham.

For more specific questions that relate to the course, or other issues such as accommodation or wellbeing, we encourage students to contact the School themselves. As privacy and confidentiality laws must be adhered to, we are unable to share any personal information to anyone but the student concerned.

How can I give my feedback?

Medical students have numerous opportunities throughout the year to feed back their thoughts and comments. Some of the ways you can let us know how we’re doing are:

  • Through your student representative. Each year group will have a minimum of two student reps who will attend school committee meetings. Here they are able to share any suggestions or concerns their year group might have with academic and administrative staff.
  • Through Bluecastle. For each module you undertake you will be asked to complete an anonymous online survey on a platform called Bluecastle. The results from this are presented at the year feedback meetings, which happen twice a year.
  • Professor Danny McLaughlin, Associate Dean for Medicine at Lincoln has an open-door policy and welcomes students to get in contact with him directly should they have any queries or concerns. More information about how to contact him will be available at the welcome talk on the morning of Monday 16 September 2019. 
  • The University of Nottingham Student Experience Survey is an annual survey organised by the university to assess university life across all schools and is open to all students. The results of the survey can have a direct impact upon decisions on teaching, support, and facilities.


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We hope this new starter's site has been a good place for you to get a start on things and feel more prepared before arriving in September.

If you have any comments about the site, please feel free to let us know through our feedback survey.

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