Welcome to Lincoln Medical School

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Welcome to Lincoln Medical School

Congratulations on securing your place here at Lincoln Medical School!

Now that you have received your results, this is where your journey to becoming a medic begins - however knowing exactly where to begin is always tricky, so we've created this space just for you so that you feel ready to join us this September. Each section contains useful guidance on what you need to know before you arrive and what to expect from your first few weeks in the Lincoln Medical School.

Hopefully we have everything covered throughout the site and on our handy FAQ page, but if you find you still have questions, feel free to get in touch with the Lincoln Medical School Office at medicine@lincoln.ac.uk for any general queries.

You can also let us know how we're doing and how we could improve this site for next year's new students by completing this quick survey.

We look forward to meeting you on Monday 16 September 2019.

Getting Started - Things You Need to Know

Unsure what to bring with you? Want to find out what the city of Lincoln has to offer? Our Preparation for Study Handbook is your essential go-to place to be Medical School ready. Read our student survival guide, learn more about the kinds of support we offer, and find out where the best place is for a bite on campus.

University Registration

As a new student, you will need to register online before you start university on Monday 16 September 2019, and make sure that you have your university account login details all set up. You will be able to do this on the University of Nottingham Registration Page from 26 August 2019. 

You will also need to attend the registration session on Monday 16 September 2019, at the University of Lincoln, Brayford Pool Campus.

Registration FAQs

You will have up to 3 weeks after you start university (by Friday 4 October 2019) to complete both your online and in-person registration - please make sure to complete this as soon as possible otherwise your university account will remain inactive. You might miss important announcements from the Medical School and be unable to access Moodle (the University of Nottingham's student learning platform). 

DBS Clearance

As you will be working with patients in a public space, you will need to have a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check to prove you are safe to work in a medical environment. You will need to have been DBS cleared before you arrive on 16 September 2019, but will not need to bring your DBS certificate with you on your first day.

Complete the DBS Online Form

Please make sure you have read the guidance on how to complete the form carefully first, as errors can lead to your clearance being delayed. Please note that any EU students will be contacted about their DBS checks upon arrival.

Occupational Health Questionnaire

Medicine can be a challenging but incredibly rewarding course where you will have the opportunity to go onto hospital wards and into clinics. To ensure you are fit enough to enter these areas, students must be assessed by the Occupational Health team. You will need to fill in an Occupational Health Questionnaire first, which we advise you to complete as soon as possible and submit before you start in September.

Complete the Occupational Health Questionnaire

EPP Declaration

Every new medical student must sign the Exposure Prone Procedures form to declare they are aware of the sort of clinical procedures they might undertake, and to confirm they are fit and up-to-date with the necessary vaccinations. You must have EPP clearance to be granted permission to work in a clinical setting. You will need to enter your Nottingham Student ID when completing this form.

If you have any questions about the EPP form, please contact medicine@lincoln.ac.uk.

Complete the EPP Declaration Form

Medicine Contract

Like the EPP form, every new student must also complete and submit a Medical Student Contract. The contract acts as a formal declaration on your behalf to demonstrate that you are aware of Medical School protocol. It will also act as evidence that you have been transparent with any issues that may affect your fitness to practice medicine. Please ensure you submit and complete the Medical Student Contract as soon as possible, as failure to do so may result in you not being able to start the course. 

Complete the Medical Student Contract

Medical School Mission and Values

By joining Lincoln Medical School, you will be joining a school with a strong mission and set of values, including a commitment to create and nurture a respectful, inclusive, and empathetic atmosphere for work and study. A copy of our Lincoln Medical School Mission and Values Statement, to which all staff and students must make a commitment, is available for you to view.

Students Finance, Tuition Fees, and Payment

For information on how to pay your fees or view which loan options are available to you, you can find out more on the University of Nottingham’s fees and funding page.  Remember to register both online via the University of Nottingham and in person at the University of Lincoln on Monday 16 September 2019, otherwise your status with Student Finance might be affected.

Financial Support

You may be eligible for University of Nottingham bursaries, subject to meeting eligibility criteria. Some of these bursaries will be awarded automatically, while the ‘Core Bursary’ and the ‘Nottingham Potential Bursary’, as well as other bursaries, can be applied for. Find out more about eligibility criteria.


Now that you have secured a place at the Lincoln Medical School, you will be able to confirm your accommodation. You will be contacted by the University of Lincoln Accommodation team with instructions on what to do next about your accommodation. You can also email accommodation@lincoln.ac.uk if you have any questions.

Laboratory Coats

You will require a laboratory coat for the practical sessions that you undertake during your course which will be provided to you by the Lincoln Medical School. If you have been offered a place on the A18L – Medicine with Foundation Year course you will require a standard laboratory coat. If you have been offered a place on the A10L – Medicine course you will require a ‘howie’ laboratory coat. 

Please complete the form to let us know what size coat you would like us to order for you.

Records and Information Management

As the Lincoln Medical School is a partnership between the Universities of Nottingham and Lincoln the arrangements for data collection and sharing are different to other University of Nottingham or University of Lincoln students. What data is provided to the University of Lincoln by the University of Nottingham and how this is used is explained in your LMS Student Privacy Notice (PDF). If you have any questions about how your data is used please contact the LMS Office in the first instance at medicine@lincoln.ac.uk.

Contact Us

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t: +44(0)1522 837070