Research within the School of Pharmacy

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The School has two major areas of research interest:

  • Drug Discovery, Design, and Delivery
  • Clinical Pharmacy and Practice

If you are an aspiring postgraduate student for the School of Pharmacy, and have a keen interest in one of the fields outlined below, please contact our Postgraduate Tutor, Dr Emma Wright on

The Drug Discovery, Design and Delivery Research Group builds upon expertise within the School of Pharmacy and the College of Science as a whole. Our work covers preclinical aspects of the drug discovery and development pipeline from the identification of novel drug targets, the design of new and improved drugs/antibiotics, to the development of improved methods of delivery.

Our aims are to:

•           Identify new drug targets

•           Design and discover new drugs

•           Develop innovative approaches for drug delivery

The group is truly multidisciplinary and includes organic chemists, structural biologists, pharmacologists and pharmaceutical scientists that utilise state of the art technologies and methodologies. We have strong links with the pharmaceutical industry and an important presence in the LiH (Lincoln institute of Health). We also have collaborations with the Antimicrobial Research Group (AMR), CAHRU, NCFM, as well as the Schools of Engineering, Chemistry, and the Life Sciences.


Clinical Pharmacy and Practice aims to foster multidisciplinary research collaboration between healthcare professionals from the School of Pharmacy with colleagues from different health disciplines. We have established strong links with LIH, Lincoln County Hospital, NLAG, Co-op.

There are opportunities for students to develop their research skills and conduct a specific lab-based or practice related clinical research project. To find out more about the Research programmes we offer, please visit our postgraduate course page. You can apply directly from each course page via the Apply Online button.

Please feel free to contact any member of the School staff to find out more about the types of projects we have to offer. Details on our staff and their specialisms, as well as their contact information, can be found below.


Research staff in the School of Pharmacy

Follow these links to find out more about individual research, involvement, and publication history:

Professor Nick Blagden, Professor of Pharmaceutics – Physical Pharmaceutics, Crystallisation and Crystal Engineering

Dr Tobias Gruber, Senior Lecturer – Supramolecular and Organic Chemistry, Chemical Biology and Crystallography and Polymorphism

Professor Terence Herbert, Director of Research and Professor of Pharmacological Sciences- Diabetes, Metabolism and Gene Expression.

Dr Taghread Hudaib, Senior Lecturer in Pharmacognosy/Phytochemical bioactivity; Natural anti-aging, antimicrobial and contraceptive bioactivity of plant extracts.

Dr Lorna Lancaster, Senior Lecturer – Alternative Antibiotics and Vaccines

Dr Richard Ngomba, Senior Lecturer – Pharmacology and Therapeutics; Neuroscience; Pharmacy Practice

Professor Carlos Rodriguez Pascual, Professor & Honorary Consultant in Care of the Older Person – geriatric Medicine, cardiovascular diseases, frailty, geriatric assessment, diabetes, heart failure.

Dr Ishwar Singh, Reader in Biological Chemistry - Antimicrobials such as teixobactins, Chemical Biology, Organic Chemistry, Bioconjugations, Biologics Delivery, Nucleic Acids and Peptides.

Dr Emma Wright, Lecturer – Biomaterials, Materials science, Materials characterisation, Rheology, Polymers, Wound Healing, Drug delivery.