How to Apply for Military Programmes at Lincoln International Business School

Use this information to make your application to any one of our Work Based Military Distance Learning Programmes. 

For course details and entry requirements please visit our  page. 

How to Apply - Undergraduate Programmes (BSc, BA, FdSc)


Step 1

Download and complete the Military UG Application Form‌, 

making sure to enter the correct course code for your desired programme.The course code can be found on the Programme Overview Pack which can be downloaded at the bottom of each programme page.

Please ensure that the application form is signed.

If you are an Officer or YofS / Yos (EW) you must provide your military marks. The marks achieved on your military training course are converted by the University into academic credit against the final year of the degree. Therefore you must provide these marks prior to enrolling onto the programme.


Step 2

Choose which month you would like to start the programme. Programmes start at the enrolment event date. You can view the optional dates by visiting our Enrolment Page.


Step 3

Obtain a reference from your employer on headed notepaper, signed off by your boss stating that you have the experience and commitment to complete the course. Please ensure that this reference is both signed and dated. We can accept electronic references if the email comes directly from your referee and is from their own work email account.


Step 4

Create a short Military Curriculum Vitae (CV).


Step 5

Obtain a copy of your level 5 (or above) academic or professional certificate which must have been obtained within the last 5 years and will typically be one of the following;

  • Degree Certificate
  • Foundation Degree Certificate
  • Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 5 Certificate
  • Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) Level 5 Certificate
  • Proof of Full Membership of a relevant Professional Institution
  • C&G Affiliateship (AfCGI), Graduateship (GCGI) or Membership (MCGI)
  • Professional Recognition Award

With effect from 1 November 2013 the University of Lincoln WBDL degree programme does not accept the City & Guilds Licentiateship as equivalent to a Level 5 qualification/award. This change is due to a review of C&G mapping of their awards against the National Qualification Framework.

If you are unsure on this requirement or need confirmation on the eligibility of another qualification then please contact the Military Programmes Group


Step 6

For identification purposes, make a copy of either your passport, driving licence or Military ID card. Please note that if you have a non-British passport we will also require a copy of your visa.


Step 7

Write a ‘Statement of Intent’. Your statement of intent is a signed and dated formal letter, limited to 500 words and written to the Work Based Distance Learning Military Programmes Manager at the University of Lincoln. You should give an outline of your profile, who you are and what motivates you, and explaining why you intend to pursue your chosen course of academic study. While your qualifications and certificates give an overview of your academic records, the letter of intent is intended to assist the Programme Manager assess you as a person and prospective student.


Step 8

Please scan and send your complete application (including your military marks)to to the application deadline date. Any applications received after the deadline date will not be processed and a full resubmission will be required for any future enrolments.

Undergraduate Application Checklist

Please note that applications will not be processed until all six items have been received:

  1. A signed application form which includes the date of the enrolment event that you wish to attend
  2. A signed and dated employer reference
  3. Level 5 or above qualification
  4. Copy of your passport or driving licence/ID card
  5. Recommendation for Study Reference (signed and dated)
  6. Short military CV
  7. Statement of Intent