Language Short Courses at the University of Lincoln


The University of Lincoln offers language short courses at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels in Mandarin Chinese, French, German, English, Italian and Spanish.

Our tutors are a mix of native and fluent speakers, and class sizes are usually under 20 students.

All courses carry University credits worth 15 CATs (Credit Accumulation Transfer Points), and you will receive a Certificate of Achievement upon successful completion.

Classes for Beginners*

French, German, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and Italian.

These modules are designed for students who wish to learn a new language from scratch, enabling you to develop the basic language skills required to survive a trip abroad. Learning is taught through role-play, workshops and short conversations, using videos and authentic reading and listening materials.

Mandarin Chinese is also available at 'post-beginners'; the level between beginners and intermediate.

Classes for Intermediate Speakers*

French, German, Spanish and English.

Classes for intermediate speakers are designed for students who already have a GCSE or equivalent in the language.

Participation in classroom conversations can help develop strong foundations in your chosen language. The course focuses on listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar, and there is also the opportunity to learn more about the culture associated with the language you are learning.

Classes for Advanced Speakers*

French, German, Spanish and English.

Advanced speaker courses are designed for students who already have an A-Level or equivalent in their chosen language. This course can build confidence in your language skills, providing you with the opportunity to develop autonomous communication. Most sessions at advanced level will be conducted in the foreign language, and an emphasis will be placed on using the correct register when speaking and writing. Cultural sensitivity will also be explored, as will grammatical accuracy and lexical precision.

*Please note that all classes run subject to student numbers.

Course costs

Price per course is £203.

Modern Languages Timetable (PDF)

Further information

For more information about our language classes please call Lincoln International Business School on +44 (0) 1522 835509, email, or visit the David Chiddick Building reception.

Learn Languages at Lincoln - Mandarin Chinese, French, German, English, Italian,  or Spanish
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