Courses Starting February 2020

Study in February 2020

Applications are now open for a range of postgraduate programmes commencing in February 2020. For eligible students, we are delighted to offer a number of country specific and merit based international scholarships ranging from £2,000 to 50% of tuition fees.

MSc Accounting and Finance

Financial management is one of the most important aspects in business. Whether you are a start-up or an existing business you will need excellent financial knowledge. It is increasingly important as organisations face tough market and economic conditions, with risk management issues.

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MSc International Business

International business is in a period of interesting times with economic uncertainty and the international trade tariffs being imposed by key countries. The MSc International Business is designed to equip students with the necessary qualities and subject knowledge that will enable them to compete effectively in the domestic and international labour markets.

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MSc Management

Leadership and management of today’s successful companies has changed. The old hierarchical model depended on only a few people at the top for leadership. Today’s business environment is volatile, uncertain, complex, and an ambiguous battlefield with decentralised control and leadership through networks of people at all levels allowing management to succeed.

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MSc Marketing

The way we do business is evolving and marketing is at the heart of its evolution. Market intelligence is key to making informed decisions using advanced technology to meet the needs of customers, from the way we advertise to how we understand customer behaviour.

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MSc Tourism and Marketing

Over the last few decades tourism has experienced continued growth and deepening diversification to become of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world. The MSc Tourism and Marketing degree at Lincoln can offer a route to a variety pathways dependent on career aspirations through its selection of modules.

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International Hospitality Management 2 block MSc International Hospitality Management

The MSc International Hospitality Management offers students the opportunity to develop and advance their knowledge and expertise across the breadth of the hospitality function. The programme enables students to develop the business and management skills needed to contribute to the effectiveness of domestic and international hospitality enterprise.

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