Developing a Managerial Mindset

Develop your management skills with this practical 12-month management development programme. 

This course is for aspiring, new and existing managers and leaders wishing to build their fundamental management skills.

Individual Benefits

  • Skills: Build your managerial capabilities through practice and on the job application
  • Confidence: Become a competent and confident manager
  • Progression: Prepare for the next step in your career
  • Network: Learn from best practice in other organisations
  • Get Qualifications: Gain a recognised professional qualification in management and leadership

Organisational Benefits

  • Drive Efficiencies: Convert your highly skilled workforce into trained and effective leaders
  • Grow Your Talent Pool: Recruit, motivate, engage and retain your workforce
  • Succession Plan: Prepare your managers and leaders for the future
  • Grow Your Business: Drive change effectively and implement strategy successfully
  • Become a Partner: Work with Lincoln International Business School to support the growth of the local economy

How Will You Learn?

  • 6x one-day interactive workshops designed to help you develop and practice your skills in a safe place
  • 3x half-day company visits at local organisations aimed at broadening your understanding of how different businesses operate
  • 2x webinars focusing on international management issues
  • Using your new skills, with the support of your employer, between workshops
  • Regular reflection on your development as a manager

Optional Professional Qualification: CMI Level 3 Certificate

Individuals wishing to work towards a professional qualification can chose to do the Chartered Management Institute Level 3 Certificate.


Course Schedule

This 12-month programme commences 3-times a year in October, January and April and requires a maximum 1-day per month out of the business.

Programme Details

WWorkshop 1: A Managerial Mindset and You To introduce you to the core concepts of effective management and what skills you need to develop and how you will do that.
Workshop 2: Developing your Style and Impact as a Manager To develop your understanding of the key interpersonal skills required for effective management, how to use them to have a positive impact on others and help you to manage yourself to deliver objectives.
Company Visit
Workshop 3: Effective Communications To understand how to communicate effectively to achieve results and build teams.
Workshop 4: Valuing and Developing my Team To recognize the impact of developing teams within the workplace in order to motivate, engage and manage performance through effective leadership
Company Visit
Workshop 5: Commercial Awareness To introduce the notion of accounting and finance and how these relate to different stakeholder needs.
Company Visit
Workshop 6: Managing your Team through Change This workshop aims to develop your understanding of the impact of change on people and organisations, how you as a manager can support the change process and support individuals through the transition.
Evaluation and Review Shortly after you complete the course you will be invited back to discuss how the course has made an impact on you as a manager in the workplace.
Awards Event You will be awarded your certificate of completion at one of our LIBS Connect events that takes place three times a year.

How To Apply

For more details on course dates, fees, workshop content including learning outcomes, and an application form please contact:

Tel: +44 (0) 1522 835566