College Leadership Team

The role of the College Leadership team is to deliver the mission and vision of the College. The team is comprised of Pro-Vice Chancellor, Heads of Department, Director of Education and Research, Director of Operations, Director of Business Development, Director of International and HR Business Partner.

Department Leadership Team

This team is responsible for the performance and management of the department by translating the mission and vision into actions. The Department Leadership Team ensure values are followed and delivering the strategic operational elements of the college.

Department of Accountancy, Finance and Economics Accountancy, Finance and Economics

Lead by Mrs Siobhan Goggin, the Department of Accountancy, Finance and Economics combines high quality teaching and learning with high quality research across accountancy, banking, finance, governance and economics. As well as providing the intellectual rigour to business subjects, its core programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels are both challenging and rewarding. Group cohesion among stakeholders of the department is prized, highly.

Department of People and Organisations People and Organisations

The Department of People and Organisations holds a comprehensive range of expertise in areas including Management; Human Resource Management; Leadership; Governance; Cross-Cultural Working; Organisational Behaviour and many more, all within the global, national and local context. The Department seeks to contribute to the debates on the nature of contemporary work & employment, management and leadership within organisations through its teaching, research and industry collaborations, developing future generations of evidence-based leaders and practitioners.

Department of Strategy and Enterprise Strategy and Enterprise

Lead by Dr David Twigg, the Department of Strategy & Enterprise delivers interdisciplinary teaching, learning and research across the cognate areas of strategy, entrepreneurship, innovation, operations, logistics and project management. Our faculty work with business and community, both local and international, to develop new insights into the challenges facing society in the 21st Century.

Department of Tourism and Events Marketing and Tourism

Lead by Dr Abi Hunt, the Marketing, Tourism and Events department are made up of internationally connected faculty who provide high quality learning experiences and development opportunities for students. The department’s research is impactful and supports our teaching, constant personal development, and of our reputation. Our Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation and Tourism subject area is ranked number one in the UK in the complete university guide 2020. We are proud to have the sustainability and the PRME agenda as core, underpinning values in how we teach, creating responsible students with a positive moral compass.

LIBS Advisory Board

The advisory board provides the challenge and support to both the College Leadership Team (CLT) as well as the Academic Leadership Team, as the College implements policies and strategic prioritises. The Advisory Board has a vital role to play in providing assurance to the University Senior Leadership Team that standards they and the CLT set are being met and that resources are being used efficiently to give every student the best possible education.

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University of Lincoln Board of Governors

The Board of Governors plays a central role in the strategic development and overall performance of the University. It has ultimate responsibility for defining the institution’s mission, educational character, and future direction, and for overseeing progress against the University’s strategic plan.

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