Lincoln Law School has a well-established, lively and proactive research culture.

Research within the School includes a broad array of doctrinal, empirical and theoretical work, as well as exploring Law’s role in broader social science complexities, particularly at the European and global level. Areas of specialism focus on critical issues affecting the modern world, and in which law has a central role, including global environmental change, human rights (including gender equality), dispute resolution, and corporate governance.  



Lincoln Centre for Environmental Law & Justice

The focus of the Centre is on environmental law and justice, recognising the multi-jurisdictional, interdisciplinary and societal nature of many environmental issues... 

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Law in a Global Context 3‌‌

‌Law in a Global Context 

The group combines core areas of specialist expertise and research excellence within the Law School and promotes interdisciplinary dialog and research output between these...

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Conflict and Disasters Research Group

The Conflict and Disasters Research Group is a socio-legal and interdisciplinary group led by academics with a passion for researching conflict and disaster situations...

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Reform of Law on Powers of Entry

Professor Stone was inspired by a corrupt Police Inspector character in a Joe Orton play to investigate the controls placed on non-police officials who have the power of entry to people's homes. He found that, while the police are governed by considerable statute and case law in this area, others are notably not. Prof Stone's book on the subject - the only one of its kind in publication - is now in its fifth edition.

He worked with a member of the House of Lords, Lord Selsdon, to draft a Private Member's Bill which was later incorporated into the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, and is currently working with the Home Office to develop a code of practice for industries with powers of entry.