Students Group Work

Student as Producer

The Student as Producer scheme informs teaching and learning across the University of Lincoln, including the Law School, and builds on the idea of research activities lying at the heart of the undergraduate curriculum.

Student as Producer offers undergraduate students more responsibility and practical engagement in their course. First, it involves them in working with staff in the design and delivery of their teaching and learning programmes. Academics still provide the main course content but will also ask what students are interested in learning and how programmes can be designed to fit with their particular interests, thus providing a more holistic learning experience and greater satisfaction with their course.

Student as Producer also involves students in research-engaged teaching by generating knowledge through research or projects to produce work of academic content and value. By involving students in the production of knowledge, Student as Producer enables them to take greater responsibility for their own teaching and learning, providing the opportunity to build on and improve their research and critical skills, which in turn enhances employment prospects and personal development.

Occasionally there are also opportunities for Law students to support academic staff in their research during the summer vacation period.

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