Students Group Work

Street Law

Streetlaw, together with the Law Clinic, is one of the clinical legal programmes offered by Lincoln Law School.

The aim of this programme is to provide a valuable and accessible legal literacy service to members of the public while at the same time enhancing your educational experience and employability.

Under this innovative teaching and learning scheme, UG students from Lincoln Law School, supported by their tutors, work with schools and colleges to identify legal concerns. The students then research the relevant material and present their findings to pupils/students in a user-friendly form. Through discussion, role play and other inter-active methods, Lincoln Law School students and the community all learn about the law and become more aware of rights and responsibilities in a given area of law.

Streetlaw provides a unique and engaging way of learning about the law for all participants, promoting reflexive and self-directed learning and practical skills for applying the law.

Lincoln Law School. University of Lincoln, Brayford Wharf East, Lincoln. LN5 7AT