BL Building Moot Court


A moot is a mock appeal usually set in the Court of Appeal or Supreme Court.  Students in teams are given a scenario containing two grounds of appeal.  They then research the law relating to those areas, construct arguments for their client and argue them as Counsel in a court setting.

Mooting is fantastic for developing several transferable skills.  It will improve your research and logical thinking and develop your confidence in public speaking as well as improving your ability to think on your feet. Most importantly, it is fun.  You will face two moots as part of your assessments in your first two years.  If you enjoy it then you can become involved in our moot teams who enter national and international competitions.  These are usually judged by practitioners and judges.

We think mooting is a great way to improve your skills as well as being an impressive addition to your CV whether you wish to practice law or not.  We have a purpose built 100 seat Moot Court which is in very regular use.

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