Students Group Work

Law Clinic

The Lincoln Law Clinic provides free legal advice to both staff and students of the university. Through the Clinic, law students obtain practical legal experience and are provided with the opportunity to apply their legal knowledge to real life legal problems.

The Clinic is very much a student centred project. Each year about 60 law students become members of the Clinic. The students are divided into a number of different “firms” usually consisting of a third year student as the “Head of Firm” and 6 other students.

Students have the opportunity of preparing for and conducting client interviews. Students participate in pre and post interview meetings with Clinic staff and discuss the issues which may arise or have arisen during the course of the interview. Students then carry out post interview research on the particular legal issue or issues concerned and prepare a letter of advice to be issued to the client.

From participating in the Clinic, students have the opportunity to develop skills which would otherwise not be developed until much later on in their legal careers. At the interview stage students have the opportunity to develop their communication skills, their interviewing skills and their note taking skills.

Post interview, students have the opportunity to develop their team working skills, their research skills and letter writing skills. Throughout the process students are made aware of the importance of client care and managing the expectations of not only their client but also those of their other firm members and Clinic staff.

The organisation of client appointments and communication is conducted through the Clinic Administrator, who is usually a third year student who has participated in the Clinic in the previous year.

The Clinic hopes to develop lawyerly skills among law students while encouraging the pro-bono ethos early in their careers.

Keeley Harrison:

Taking part in the University of Lincoln Law Clinic helps you to develop existing skills and learn new ones, all of which help to prepare you for life in the legal profession. Everyone in the Clinic has the opportunity to take part in a client interview and learn how to draft advice letters. Through taking part in these activities I have developed my communication skills, time management skills and by acting as a Head of Firm I have gained leadership skills.  My confidence has improved while working in the Law Clinic because I have learnt that my degree has given me the skills I need to be able to research and apply laws in order to advise clients in the appropriate way, this has helped me feel ready to progress onto the next stage of my career.

Melissa Mould:

As the Administrator for the Law Clinic, I have met with a variety of clients and expanded my interpersonal skills. My participation has helped me to organise my time and balance my commitment to my studies. The Law Clinic operates in a similar format to that of a typical law firm which has allowed me to develop skills that I can take with me into practice. The student-run service allows hands-on experience in drafting letters of advice for clients. I would recommend getting involved to any student who wishes to see the law in a real life situation.

Lincoln Law School. University of Lincoln, Brayford Wharf East, Lincoln. LN5 7AT