School of History and Heritage

School of History

School of History and Heritage Undergraduate Courses

American Studies - BA (Hons)

Explore the past, present, and potential future of America in this distinctive degree which draws on expertise from across the University of Lincoln in American history, literature, film, music, theatre, visual arts, foreign policy, and politics.

Art History and History - BA (Hons)

The BA (Hons) Art History and History offers students the opportunity to explore the rich artistic and architectural heritage of the past, learn how to interrogate visual and material evidence critically, and construct arguments about societies and cultures, their values, and identities. Students can investigate art; architecture; material culture; and texts, from medieval chronicles to modern archives and newspapers.

Classical Studies - BA (Hons)

Classical Studies at Lincoln offers the opportunity to explore and examine the history, culture, and language of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds to discover how they have influenced and shaped the society in which we live today.

Conservation of Cultural Heritage - BA (Hons)

Conservators play a key role in the protection and care of cultural heritage, preserving artworks, architecture, archaeology, and museum collections for future generations to enjoy.

English and History - BA (Hons)

The study of the closely related fields of English and History encourages students to analyse a range of literary approaches and build a soild technical foundation as a writer.

History - BA (Hons)

History may be concerned with questions about the past, but the knowledge it reveals is relevant to how we think about ourselves and our place within society today.

Modern History - BA (Hons)

Modern History at Lincoln specialises in history from 1800 to the present day. This close focus offers the opportunity to better understand and navigate an increasingly socially, culturally, and politically complex world.

Philosophy - BA (Hons)

Philosophers search for knowledge and truth, exploring the fundamental nature of reality and some of the most important questions about the world around us such as what is the self? What is a just society? Is free will an illusion? And, does God exist?

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