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Great Reasons to Go Summer

The University recognises that a semester or whole year abroad is a huge undertaking and isn’t for everyone. A great alternative is a summer school at one of our partner universities or through an organisation such as the British Council. Summer opportunities are generally a mix of social and cultural activities which can involve taught classes, industry visits, and practical sessions, as well as cultural activities and trips. These may be restricted to students on certain programmes or open to all students. Please contact the Global Opportunities team if you are interested in short-term summer opportunities.

Summer Schools

Antwerp University

Looking for an unforgettable summer full of knowledge and fun? We are delighted to announce Antwerp's Summer University 2021! Antwerp Summer University is running 18 on-campus and online summer schools, with all programmes offering high quality education including lectures, visits (if applicable) and workshops. Applicants who successfully complete their summer school can also acquire ECTS credits.

Click here to find out more and submit an application (Antwerp Summer University | University of Antwerp)


Radboud University

Grow on a personal level, develop new skills and meet people from all over the world – while still feeling part of a close-knit community. Radboud Summer School offers excellent academic programmes with an exciting blend of lectures, excursions and social activities. Offering both in-person and online summer schools, Radboud has an option to suit every student. 

Click here to find out more and submit an application (Radboud Summer School | Radboud University)


Rikkyo University

Rikkyo University is running an Online Short-Term Intensive Japanese Programme during summer 2021. The programme comprises about 23 hours of Japanese language study with some additional online cultural events in which participants will be able to interact virtually with other participants as well as Rikkyo students. Upon completing the programme, participants will be given a certificate of completion and an official transcript. 

Click here to find out more and submit an application (Rikkyo Summer School | Rikkyo University)


Grenoble INP (Smart Energies)

Grenoble INP is offering two online summer programs, one in Micro & Nanotechnology and one in Smart Energies. Both schools are taught by highly-qualified teaching staff in Grenoble INP’s fields of expertise. In addition to science courses, the online Ginsen summer schools offer a full social and cultural program.

Click here to find out more and submit an application (Ginsen Summer School | Grenoble INP)

Tec de Monterrey

Tec de Monterrey are offering a fully online summer school which allows participants to take part in a variety of academic programmes, from Spanish language classes and mexican culture to research projects in a subject of your choosing. Programmes last between 4 to 8 weeks and vary in cost and start date.

Click here to find out more and submit an application (Tec Summer School | Tec de Monterrey)




Yonsei University

Yonsei University in Seoul is offering a variety of summer schools, with delivery modes including fully online, face-to-face and a hybrid of the two (live-streaming and face-to-face instruction). With over 80 course provisions lasting between 4 to 8 weeks, Yonsei are providing a range of opportunities and experiences to suit your individual preferences.

Click here to find out more and submit an application (Yonsei International Summer School | Yonsei University)

University of Navarra

ILCE Online summer courses can fulfill a range of curricular requirements and offer learners a genuine inmersion in Spanish culture. Excellent teachers from Universidad de Navarra's instructional staff and selected instructors from other institutions comprise the faculty of the Summer Programme. An official transcript by the Universidad de Navarra will be awarded to all students who complete the programme. 

Click here to find out more and submit an application (ILCE Summer School | University of Navarra)


Wroclaw University of Science and Technology 

WUST 3E+ summer school offers interactive small-scale courses which are designed to provide an intensive, in-depth look at your selected topic of study, with over 60 hours of course tuition. 3E+ is open to applicants from all over the world, and in addition to lessons, you will get to enjoy a social programme with your peers including sightseeing tours and sporting activities. 

Click here to find out more and submit an application (3E+ Summer School | Wroclaw University of Science and Technology)


Kyoto Women's University 

Kyoto Women's University summer school is a 3 week Japanese language and cultural studies programme, which will be held virtually for summer 2021. During the online programme, students will study Japanese language with staff and students from Kyoto Women's University. You will further benefit from attending lectures on "kyotology" and traditional Japanese culture.

Click here to find out more and submit an application (Summer Programme 2021 | Kyoto Women's University)




Successful applicants can apply for Santander Funding through Global Opportunities. These funds can be used towards the registration fee, accommodation and travel. If you wish to apply for a scholarship, please email GO@lincoln.ac.uk with the subject line "Santander Funding".

KDU Penang University College Short-Term Opportunities

Students from select programmes at the University of Lincoln are eligible to attend a cultural and social summer programme at the KDU Penang University College. Typically the programme lasts two weeks and takes place during the summer vacation. Students are able to visit local businesses, experience classes at KDU, meet local students, and experience Malaysian culture. Watch our students' videos below to find out more about how they enjoyed their summer programme and what they enjoyed most.

Our Students' Experiences

Students have the opportunity to join a broad range of exciting summer schools worldwide. Summer programmes can vary and typically last between 2 and 4 weeks, during the months of July and August. Students who are interested in participating in a summer school progamme should contact the Global Opportunities team to find out more. Recent summer school programmes have included a Japanese beginners language and culture course at one of three partner universities in Japan, based either in Tokyo, Kyoto, or the beautiful Japanese island of Kochi; two-week social and cultural experience held at KDU in Penang; Malaysia for students from specific programmes, German beginners language courses in Germany and a wide range of summer schools in most disciplines at one of University of Lincoln's partner universities in the Netherlands. Please check with the Global Opportunities team to see if your course is eligible for a summer school programme.

Amy Helliwell who attended the Japanese language and culture summer school at the Kyoto Women's University has this to say about her experience:

I thought this programme was very interesting and fun. I explored Japanese cultures and places a lot. I am very happy I could have this opportunity. Thanks everyone at the University for supporting and helping me!

Amy Helliwell,
BA (Hons) English

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