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This page has been designed to provide the answers to many of our frequently asked questions, information on how to provide us with your feedback, and links to the essential maps you will need while studying at Lincoln Medical School.

You can also contact us with any further enquiries relating to your course via email: medicine@lincoln.ac.uk.


If your place with Lincoln Medical School is confirmed, you will receive an email notification from the University of Nottingham which will contain further details of how to complete the registration process. The registration process will be completed online.

Please refer to the ‘Getting Started – Things you Need to Know’ section for a useful Preparation to Study handbook guide and a checklist to ensure that you have done everything you need to prior to induction.

Social distancing measures will be in place across our indoor and outdoor spaces including dedicated entrances and exits, one-way and queuing systems, and distance markers. Our buildings will be cleaned regularly and additional handwashing and sanitising facilities will be provided. Appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) will be provided where it is required in specific circumstances, for example during clinical skills teaching.

Further information on specific arrangements will be communicated to you before you start in September and please keep an eye on our Get Ready for Lincoln page.

You can find out where you need to be by referring to the Induction/Welcome Week Timetable. On your first day you will be on campus for various sessions including a welcome talk from the Associate Dean for Medicine. Please note that this timetable will be live on the above link from the week commencing 21 September 2020. This will be subject to change so please check back regularly for any updates prior to induction and during induction week.

A detailed guidance document will be provided to you during your first week which will detail what log in details to use and when.

You will be allocated a personal tutor and introduced to them in the first week of term. They will meet with you regularly to discuss your progress and development, and can be contacted if you have any queries or concerns. The Student Wellbeing Centre is available on campus and they offer a range of support services, which can be accessed via drop-in clinics advertised on their website. Please see the ‘Supporting Your Studies’ section for further information on the range of support that is offered to students.

As students with Lincoln Medical School you have the opportunity to join both or either the University of Nottingham SU and the University of Lincoln SU.

For further information please refer to the Students’ Union and Medical Societies section.

Due to clinical/ward capacity and resourcing issues and scheduling, once you have been allocated a seminar group, it is not permitted to switch groups. This year, we will face additional implications such as teaching room capacity, social distancing, and test and trace procedures that are likely to be in place for the next academic year, which means keeping within your seminar group is even more important.

Where it is safe to do so, we plan to deliver teaching in person. We will put measures in place to help you stay safe. This includes teaching in smaller groups, delivering shorter sessions, and/or staggering start times, where required.

For large group activities such as lectures, or where social distancing requirements cannot be maintained, teaching will take place through digital methods. Some of these digital/online sessions will take place ‘live’. You will be able to ask questions, contribute to discussions and, because most sessions are recorded, look back on what you have learned.

Despite the changes in method of delivery, we will still provide you with the opportunities required to meet your learning objectives, develop your skills, and prepare for your future career.

For years one and two, we expect in total you will have five visits to a General Practice and seven hospital visits. During these placements you will get a good overview of how GP/hospitals ‘work’, the opportunity to talk to (and examine) patients, and a chance to develop a good working relationship with the sites and their staff.

It is the intention of Lincoln Medical School and United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust that hospital visits will go ahead during 2020/2021, but our plans are subject to change in light of Covid-19. If visits cannot proceed we would offer alternative online clinical teaching material.

We are currently planning for the primary care visits to go ahead as planned. Our plans are subject to change in light of COVID-19. If the primary care visits cannot proceed we will endeavour to arrange alternative exposure to primary care.

The attendance and reporting process will be confirmed in your course handbook which will be provided to you at the beginning of the term. Please note that, although the primary purpose of attendance monitoring is to ensure your engagement with the programme and your wellbeing, repeated non-attendance of live teaching sessions without providing prior notification may result in consideration of your professional behaviour and attitudes.?

You may be able to apply for a parking permit for University of Lincoln car parks outside of normal business hours – further information about this will be available from Estates. Permit-holder parking (a fee may be payable) is only available at some of our student accommodation site. For further information please visit https://estates.lincoln.ac.uk/services/travel-and-transport/parking/

For more information on how religious observance can be taken into consideration for the examination period please visit the University of Nottingham’s Student Services website.

If you need alternative exam arrangements due to religious observance, please download a copy of the Religious Observance form and submit it to the Assessments team by the deadline indicated.

To reduce our carbon footprint, ?we have a policy which means that the majority of handbooks and related material will now only be available online. Only in very specific cases will a printed version of handbooks be provided.?

If you would like to defer or withdraw your entry before starting your studies at the Lincoln Medical School, please let us know of your intentions in writing and send an email to: mhssupport@nottingham.ac.uk

Once you have started, if you find that you would like to interrupt your studies or withdraw from the course, you must arrange a meeting with a Senior Tutor to notify them and discuss your options. Meetings with the Senior Tutor can be arranged via the Lincoln Medical School Office: medicine@lincoln.ac.uk

You will also need to complete a ‘Voluntary Interruption of Study Form’ or ‘Withdrawal Form'.

For more information visit: https://www.nottingham.ac.uk/academicservices/currentstudents/change-of-circumstances/changeofcircumstances.aspx

Parents and guardians are more than welcome to contact Lincoln Medical School with any general queries related to either Lincoln or the University of Nottingham.

For more specific questions that relate to the course, or other issues such as accommodation or wellbeing, we encourage students to contact the School themselves. As privacy and confidentiality laws must be adhered to, we are unable to share any personal information to anyone but the student concerned.

Medical students have numerous opportunities throughout the year to feed back their thoughts and comments. Some of the ways you can let us know how we’re doing are:

  • Through your student representative. Each year group will have a minimum of two student reps who will attend school committee meetings. Here they are able to share any suggestions or concerns their year group might have with academic and administrative staff. You can contact representatives via email, face to face, or via a platform from Lincoln SU called ‘Course-mate’. There will be a link to this in the LCF section of Moodle (for more information visit https://lincolnsu.com/course-mate).
  • Dr Rachel Woods is the Student Engagement Lead for the School and chairs the Learning Community Forum alongside student representatives. The LCF takes place three times per academic year and student representatives will bring forward feedback from students to be discussed at the meeting.
  • Through the Student Evaluation of Module (SEM) system. For each module you undertake you will be asked to complete an anonymous online survey on a platform called Bluecastle. The results from this are presented at?the year feedback meetings, which happen twice a year.?
  • Professor Danny McLaughlin, Associate Dean for Medicine at Lincoln has an open-door policy and welcomes students to get in contact with him directly should they have any queries or concerns. More information about how to contact him will be available at the welcome talk.
  • The University of Nottingham Student Experience Survey is an annual survey organised by the university to assess university life across all schools and is open to all students. The results of the survey can have a direct impact upon decisions on teaching, support, and facilities.

University of Lincoln and United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust (ULHT) Maps

University of Lincoln Campus Map

Lincoln County Hospital

Pilgrim Hospital Boston

Grantham Hospital

For all other Lincoln County Hospital maps, please visit: https://www.ulh.nhs.uk/hospitals/lincoln-county/map/

For all other Pilgrim Hospital maps, please visit: https://www.ulh.nhs.uk/hospitals/pilgrim-hospital-boston/map/

For all other Grantham Hospital maps, please visit: https://www.ulh.nhs.uk/hospitals/grantham-district/map/

University of Nottingham Maps

University Park Campus Map

For all other University of Nottingham campus maps, please visit: https://www.nottingham.ac.uk/about/visitorinformation/mapsanddirections/mapsanddirections.aspx