School of Geography Staff

Name Position Email Last Name First Name Weighting Title
Dr Adegbola Ojo Senior Lecturer in Human Geography/Programme Leader
Humanitarian Decision Sciences, Social Justice, Societal Prosperity
Dr Amy Healey Post-Doctoral Research Associate- Spatial Genomics
Dr Andrew Kythreotis Senior Lecturer - Social & Political Geography
Climate Change Policy, Politics and Governance; Political and Social Geography; Political Ecology of the State; Environmental Knowledge Construction; Scale Debate in Human Geography; Evidenced-based Policy and Open Science
Mrs Brenda Gonzalez Ginocchio Visiting Researcher
Ms Catherine Warriner School Administrator
Dr Daniel Magnone Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography/Programme Leader
Dr Dilkushi de Alwis Pitts Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography
Remotely sensed surface dynamics, climate change, food and water security, technology transfer
Prof Edward Hanna Professor of Climate Science and Meteorology / Programme Leader
climate change; Greenland Ice Sheet mass balance; meteorology; North Atlantic Oscillation; storminess; seasonal weather prediction; solar eclipses
Mrs Fiona Burstow Senior Administrator/ PA
Miss Gertruda Zieniute Associate Lecturer
Dr Harriet Moore Lecturer
River restoration, environmental behaviour, social disparity, emergency medical services, COVID-19, mental health.
Miss Holly Norton Graduate Demonstrating Assistant
Dr Ian Simpson Post Doctoral Research Associate in Seasonal Weather Prediction
As well as weather forecasting (both short and long-range), I have a strong interest in, and experience with, precipitation variability (especially convective precipitation), synoptic climatology, climate statistics, and historic weather events.
Dr Joseph Harwood Senior Technician
Analytical Geochemistry (XRF, XRD, SEM), Sedimentology and Photogrammetry utilising UAV technology
Mrs Josephine Westlake Associate Lecturer
Hydrology, Geomorphology, Geophysical Hazards
Dr Kristen Beck Lecturer
I specialise in disentangling the relationships between aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem dynamics through time using high resolution multi-proxy palaeoecological data. A lot of my work is focused on Tasmania, Australia, with newer projects in the UK and Canada.
Dr Luca Mao Associate Professor
River science; fluvial geomorphology; hydrology
Prof Mark Macklin Distinguished Professor of River Systems and Global Change
River channel and floodplain responses to climate change, long-term human-river environment interactions, alluvial archaeology, flood-risk assessment, metal mining pollution and its impact on ecosystem and human health, and the hydrological controls of malaria.
Dr Mark Schuerch Associate Professor in Physical Geography
Coastal and estuarine sediment dynamics, climate change and sea level rise, coastal ecosystems, coastal management, coastal adaptation
Dr Matthew Hannaford Senior Lecturer in Human Geography
Disasters; Environmental history; Climate change adaptation; Southern Africa
Ms Miyo Yoshizaki Graduate Demonstrator
Dr Nwamaka Okeke-Ogbuafor Associate Lecturer
Development Studies; Rural Geography; Social Science Research Methods; Fisheries; Environmental Politics; Sub-Saharan Africa
Dr Theresa Mercer Senior Lecturer in Biogeography & Planetary Health
environmental biogeochemistry, biogeography, ecosystem services, soil science, waste management, environmental pollution, environmental policy, climate policy, education for sustainable development, climate change education