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To establish the University’s standing and increased reputation for quality research and strategic partnerships with funders, government and business, we have chosen to actively place our Research Centres and Groups at the heart of our strategic plans.

Research LCWPH 2 Col Lincoln Centre for Water and Planetary Health (LCWPH)

Lincoln Centre for Water and Planetary Health focuses on solving the most pressing global environmental and societal problems emerging from the world’s largest rivers. These include climate change impacts on extreme floods and droughts, flood-related contamination from metal mining and processing, and waterborne and vector-borne diseases affecting humans and animals where riverine environments provide the principal habitat.

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Research Rural 2 Col Rural Visions Research Group

Rural Visions is a collaboration of researchers at Lincoln who embrace an eclectic range of research topics including rural economic and community development, rural landscape histories, animals and nature, environmental issues, rurality in literature and the media, rural migration and demography, rural poverty, and the impacts of technology for rural places.

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Moana Water of Life - Navigating Climate Change for Planetary Health

Find out more about the Moana Water of Life international conference. This three day event showcased the School of Geography's research and demonstrated how the School has been engaging with the wider community both locally and internationally.

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