Centre for European Cultural Studies


Professor Ann Gray 

Dr Jirina Smejkalova 

The Centre for European Cultural Studies aims to foster and encourage research in the broad area of European cultural studies and establish a new European network by organising a series of Lincoln colloquia.

The expansion of Europe in May 2004 has exciting implications for the opening of dialogue between Western European kulturwissenschaften and Anglo-American cultural studies and researching and thinking culture in post-communist countries of the former Soviet block region. The Centre for European Cultural Studies is uniquely placed to establish a forum for such dialogue between scholars from different regions which interrogates existing paradigms and identifies new avenues of collaborative, fundable research and scholarly activity.

Of the two co-Directors of the Centre, Professor Ann Gray co-edits the European Journal of Cultural Studies. Dr Jirina Smejkalova is a Research Fellow at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in Prague and an Expert Team Member at the European Institute for Culture and Arts (ERICA) in Bonn.

College members of the centre, Professor John Simons, Dr Jane Chapman and Professor Brian Winston, bring important contacts and research to the centre along with Professor Ian Barnes, Jean Monnet Professor of European Economic Integration.

Current Project

Re-thinking Cultural Studies in the New Europe 2005-2007
The aim of this British Academy funded project was to identify and establish a network of scholars in the 'new' Europe and to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas about the state of cultural studies and cultural research in our various locations.  In October 2005 Professor Gray and Dr Smejkalova were invited to present a paper at the 'Landscapes of Culture Conference' held at Klagenfurte University.  This was followed by visits to colleagues in former Eastern Europe to establish a network for future collaboration plans for which were discussed at a colloquium held at the University of Lincoln.