Q: What is Learning Beyond Registration?

A: Please see our How to apply page for detailed information on LBR, eligibility criteria and application process.


Q: What do I do if I am not sure which course to apply for?

A: In the first instance, discuss with your line manager. For advice from the Centre of Professional Development, email your query to


Q: What level are LBR courses?

A: Most LBR funded courses at the University of Lincoln are under-graduate degree level (also referred to as level 6). You will receive under-graduate credits for each course you take and these can be used to achieve the BSc (Hons) Professional Practice if required.

Some programmes are also delivered at Postgraduate Level (also referred to as Level 7) and credits from this can be used towards the MSc Advance Clinical Practice.


Q: My trust will not fund my place- can I fund it myself?

A:In most circumstances yes - this is dependent on the course having spare places 4-6 weeks ahead of start date and your ability to attend the teaching sessions in your own time.


Q: I am not eligible for LBR funding, how much are the course fees?

A: The fees are subject to change and dependent on your student status. Please contact the Centre for Professional Development for further information:


Q: Is there a deadline for applying for a course?

A: We ask students to try to make applications more than one month ahead of start date. This gives us time to process applications and confirm places in time. If there are places available on courses within one month of start date we will always aim to fill them.


Q: I would like to apply for the BSc (Hons) Professional Practice top-up degree as part of my application. How do I do this?

A: Please complete the registration from for the first core module – Research Skills. This will prompt a response from the CfPD with further information on the top-up programme. Alternatively you can contact for more information.


Q: Is the BSc (Hons) Professional Practice top-up degree funded by LBR?

A: Mostly. If your manager and LBR lead approve your entry on to the BSc (Hons) Professional Practice award, approval for the modules will be requested individually. The core modules, Research Skills and Independent Study, are not eligible for LBR funding and will need to be sponsored or self-funded. For fees information email the Centre for Professional Development:


Q: What do I do if my personal details change ie name, address or email before I have enrolled with the university?

A: Email your change to the Centre for Professional Development:


Q: What do I do if my personal details change ie name, address or email after I have enrolled with the university?

A: You can update your student record via our student portal. You will have access to this following enrolment.


Q: I need to withdraw my application before the course starts- what do I do?

A: Discuss with your line manager and email the Centre for Professional Development asap:


Q: I cannot attend the first day or a later day on the course timetable, who do I contact?

A: Contact the Centre for Professional Development: as soon as possible. Most courses will allow you to start if you cannot attend on day one. Others have a minimum attendance limit and so this will be discussed with you direct.


Q: I have changed my name since my initial application or enrolment. How do I inform the university of this change?

A: Please bring some evidence of the change e.g. marriage certificate or legal document to the Student Support Centre and they will be happy to amend your student record.