Return to Practice (Nursing)

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30 Credits at level 6

10 weeks taught content AND a minimum 75 hours practice placement

This short course is designed to support the qualified Adult or Mental Health nurse who is looking to return to work and regulatory body registration within a registered healthcare professional role. Successful completion of the course would provide evidence that the practitioner has met all of the learning outcomes for return to practice programmes and readmission on to the professional register, as defined by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) (2011).

The course aims to support returning nurses to understand the current health and social care context; including exploration of national policy, legislation and professional expectations that govern contemporary practice. The course provides students with the opportunity to reflect upon their professional values and role within modern healthcare provision. Students will be expected to reflect upon and critically explore specialist issues and apply their learning, skills and knowledge to the context of their professional field of practice.

Applications are currently closed for this course due to revalidation to align the course with new NMC guidelines. To sign up for email alerts about application opening times, please email