Introduction to Auditing

Course Dates 

30th January 2020

11th June 2020

(half day AM only)




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In order to guarantee and demonstrate that product offered for sale is safe to eat and of the specified quality the modern food industry relies on a wide variety of systems, standards and procedures to achieve it.

A common element demanded in the application of these is the requirement to audit and challenge them to ensure adequate application or proper corrective action. Auditing is therefore an important skill that needs to be trained and explained.

This course is suitable for anyone involved in the audit process at any level.


Section 1
What is an audit?
The purposes of factory auditing
Types of audit

Section 2
Pre-audit preparation
Benefits of checklists
The opening meeting

Section 3
The audit, Results and documentation review
Post-audit review and summary

Section 4
The audit report
Reporting styles
Auditee response
Audit schedule

Section 5
Requirements for auditors
Personal characteristics and abilities
Conduct during the audit


This one day course is delivered on site at The National Centre for Food Manufacturing, Holbeach and can also be delivered on business premises.

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