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The College of Social Science is passionate about supporting graduate success for all of its students, fully embracing the importance of facilitating access to additional, meaningful opportunities 'within and beyond the curriculum', during your time with us.

It is therefore with great pride that we have developed a dedicated service in the form of the College of Social Science Work Experience Hub, which gives students access to support in finding high quality workplace activities whilst you are studying on one of our many and varied undergraduate and post graduate programmes.

Professor Duncan French - Head of the College of Social Science

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Hello and a big welcome to the College of Social Science Work Experience Hub, we are pleased you are taking time to look at this information.

Here in the College of Social Science we recognise that your future employer is going to want you to have both the necessary academic knowledge in the form of a good degree, but also the practical skills to help you smoothly and successfully enter the workforce, when the time comes to do so.

With this in mind many of our degrees, both graduate and postgraduate offer you the opportunity to undertake academic modules that include work experience with relevant organisations. Should you decide to select one of these modules then we want you to know that dedicated support is available to help you find that appropriate workplace opportunity.

To achieve this the College of Social Science Work Experience Hub works closely with local organisations in order to create excellent opportunities for students, as well as keeping up to date with the offers on a wide range of relevant voluntary, independent and public service data bases. In doing this the Hub ensures it is in the best position to offer up to date guidance and support about the wide range of exciting, relevant and interesting opportunities available.

The Hub also has direct contact with the University of Lincoln Careers and Employability team, meaning that you will also be provided with essential links to other resources that can support you with your employability and careers decisions.

Heather Saunders - College Work Experience Hub Co-ordinator


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The types of organisations students have undertaken work experience with is wide and varied and includes:

County Council

City Council


Mental Health Services


Human Resources (HR) departments

Allied Health Services

Hospital Wards

Services for people with Learning Disabilities

Organisations supporting the Homeless Community

Community Support Hubs

Adult Services

Law firms

Sports related organisations

Organisations offering counselling

Student Testimonials

Chloe – HR department

I was excited to do a module that involved practical experience, because this made it different to all of my other modules.

It is much easier to find and apply for a placement with support from the university.

It was very eye-opening, and I learned a lot about HR as a subject, and about common areas of working life such as team meetings and projects.

Work experience is definitely worth doing, because it will set you apart from other job candidates and give you something interesting to talk about in interviews and application.

Ruby – Surgical Ward

Having support to find opportunity helpful as it gives you confidence to apply especially in a town away from home.

Get to experience real life practice and day to day work.

The opportunity really helped me choose which career path to follow and the steps I need to take to achieve it.

Definitely do it. Try something different, don’t worry too much about wat you do as you never know what you might find.

Jacqueline – Charity Supporting Children with Disabilities

The work experience has helped me decide on the type of work/study I would like to do going forward.

I thought the module was excellent and I got a really good grade, so I am really pleased I chose it.

Having work experience and a degree is really important. I know I wouldn’t get a job in the area that I want to go in without it.

Having a set time to do the work experience is key as it helps you focus on getting it and doing it.

Placement Feedback

Placement Feedback