College of Social Science Undergraduate Courses

Applied Social Science - BA (Hons)

At the heart of Applied Social Science is a desire to understand our society and the social problems we face in order to make a real difference to communities.

Criminology - BA (Hons)

Lincoln’s Criminology degree is designed to enable students to develop and apply an understanding of the complex nature of crime, punishment and justice. Alternative solutions to crime prevention are examined, and the impact of crime on society is investigated.

Criminology and Social Policy - BA (Hons)

The BA (Hons) Criminology and Social Policy degree aims to give students the opportunity to study the nature, causes, control and prevention of criminal behaviour, alongside an examination of how social policy is created and how it influences the way we live.

Criminology and Sociology - BA (Hons)

This joint degree aims to offer students an introduction to the contemporary subjects of criminology and sociology. Teaching is informed by research and current social debate around issues of crime, justice and the society.

Education - BA (Hons)

The study of education aims to provide insight into how children and young people learn and the ways in which this is shaped and delivered. This degree looks at learning and teaching through the four pillars of knowledge: philosophy, sociology, history and psychology.

Education and Psychology - BSc (Hons)

Our BSc (Hons) Education and Psychology provides an opportunity to gain an insight into how children and young people learn and the ways in which this is shaped and delivered. In addition, the course explores how psychological theory can be related to a variety of educational environments as well as considering a range of psychological issues, including development and relationship in the social world. The BSc (Hons) Education and Psychology degree looks at learning and teaching through the four pillars of knowledge: philosophy, sociology, history and psychology.

Health and Exercise Science - BSc (Hons)

This degree responds to the rise of sedentary lifestyles and ill-health of the population by exploring how individuals and communities need distinct approaches to health and physical activity. This includes children, older adults, people with disabilities and those with long-term health conditions.

Health and Social Care - BSc (Hons)

Health and social care professionals can make a real difference to the lives of vulnerable people. This degree at Lincoln is founded on an integrated approach and aims to provide an understanding of policy and practice across the landscape of the sector.

International Relations - BA (Hons)

Our BA (Hons) International Relations degree is an interdisciplinary programme which draws upon politics, economics, history, sociology, international law, geography and cultural studies to explore global issues such as conflict, global inequalities, sovereignty and human rights.

International Relations and Politics - BA (Hons)

Lincoln’s BA (Hons) International Relations and Politics degree provides students with access to a diverse range of modules in politics and international relations. Students can explore British Politics, international diplomacy and the emergence of global institutions.

International Relations and Social Policy - BA (Hons)

This joint programme draws on a range of social science disciplines to examine challenging and controversial national and international issues such as human rights, poverty and social exclusion.

Law - LLB (Hons)

This degree covers core principles of the English legal system including criminal law, constitutional law and European Union law, and supports students to develop important legal skills.

Law and Criminology - LLB (Hons)

This combination offers students the opportunity to study for a law degree while also having the chance to develop a deeper understanding about the causes and consequences of crime.

Law for Business - LLB (Hons)

Today’s global economy requires professionals who have specialist legal expertise and knowledge of the law governing trade and commercial relationships.

Midwifery - BSc (Hons)

The course has been designed to encourage students to think critically and apply evidence to underpin their clinical practice. The course has been written to meet the NMC education requirements for student midwives and is underpinned by national policy. Women-centred holistic care is actively encouraged and the course provides the opportunity for students to promote choice and partnership working.

Nursing (Registered Nurse - Adult) - BSc (Hons)

Nursing practice in the 21st Century is becoming increasingly demanding. Nurses play a key role, through their work in primary and secondary care settings, restoring and promoting health, supporting patients and their families, and profiling healthcare needs of communities.

Nursing (Registered Nurse - Child) - BSc (Hons)

Children and young people’s nurses care for children, from newborns to adolescents, working within and across teams, and in partnership with family members and carers. They play a vital role in providing, leading, and coordinating care that is compassionate, evidence-based, and family-centred.

Nursing (Registered Nurse - Mental Health) - BSc (Hons)

A career as a mental health nurse can be both demanding and rewarding. Nurses support patients to manage their illness and improve their lives, working in a range of settings from hospitals and homes to community centres.

Paramedic Science - BSc (Hons)

The BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science is designed to provide the theoretical knowledge, clinical skills and practical work experience required to provide high quality, autonomous, responsive healthcare associated with the professional practice of a paramedic.

Physical Education and Sport - BSc (Hons)

This multidisciplinary programme integrates theoretical and practical knowledge of physical education and sport. It offers the opportunity to develop the skills and understanding required to work in the education and sport sector.

Politics - BA (Hons)

This BA (Hons) Politics degree examines domestic and global politics, political theory and international relations. Students have the opportunity to explore the big political issues of the day in Britain and around the globe, and study the social and theoretical contexts which underpin these developments.

Politics and Social Policy - BA (Hons)

This degree combines a detailed exploration of political ideas, institutions and processes with an in-depth analysis of how policies are developed and implemented to deal with the social problems at the national and supranational level.

Politics and Sociology - BA (Hons)

This joint degree offers the opportunity to gain an insight into the impact of domestic and global politics on the nature of society. Teaching is informed by emerging political themes and contemporary social debate.

Practice Certificate in Non-Medical Prescribing - UG Credit

Our course is designed to provide the main theoretical perspectives associated with evidence-based therapeutics, the consultation process, including concordance and the legal, ethical and professional issues associated with the prescribing role.

Professional Practice - BSc (Hons)

The BSc (Hons) Professional Practice programme is a professionally orientated programme of study, which has been developed as a ‘top-up’ option for non-graduate registered healthcare professionals. This programme has been developed following discussions with partners which identified a need for modules that are responsive to both national and local policy and that aim to meet the educational needs of the local health professional population.

Psychology - BSc (Hons)

The BSc (Hons) Psychology degree aims to provide students with a strong foundation of knowledge and expertise within the subject.

Psychology with Clinical Psychology - BSc (Hons)

Clinical psychology is the practice of using psychological theories, treatments and therapies to assess people's needs and improve their wellbeing.

Psychology with Forensic Psychology - BSc (Hons)

The BSc (Hons) Psychology with Forensic Psychology degree at Lincoln aims to provide students with a level of specialised knowledge in Forensic Psychology, as well as an understanding of key concepts and practices in Psychology in general.

Social Policy - BA (Hons)

The BA (Hons) Social Policy degree explores how social problems arise, how governments react and the impact this has on society and its citizens. Students can learn the skills necessary to critically analyse the efficacy and fairness of policies and explore public and media responses.

Social Policy and Sociology - BA (Hons)

Social Policy and Sociology at Lincoln draws on two key social science disciplines to offer an insight into the diverse and different social groups, structures and practices that make up society.

Sociology - BA (Hons)

As a Sociology student at Lincoln, you are introduced to the study of human social behaviour, which can improve your understanding of how societies are organised, how social identities are constructed and the issues facing some of society’s most marginalised people.

Sport and Exercise Science - BSc (Hons)

The Sport and Exercise Science degree at Lincoln was developed to meet both the student demand and the growing reputation of sport and exercise science and the role that sport and physical activity can play in improving the health of the nation. The programme is a multidisciplinary degree that aims to develop students’ knowledge, understanding and practical skills in the key areas of physiology, biomechanics and psychology — so they can understand their impact on sports performance, physical activity and health.

Sport and Exercise Therapy - BSc (Hons)

Sports therapy is a dynamic field and therapists are a crucial part of medical teams at many sports clubs, working alongside physios, sports medicine doctors, and sports scientists.

Sport Development and Coaching - BSc (Hons)

The Sport Development and Coaching degree draws upon contemporary research aimed at helping students to develop their expertise and ability in a range of academic and vocational activities. These can include coaching on school and community-based projects, exercise prescription and fitness testing, as well as developing, managing and evaluating sport development schemes

Strength and Conditioning in Sport - BSc (Hons)

This specialist degree is informed by current research and innovation within the sector. It focuses on developing knowledge, understanding and practical skills in applied strength and conditioning, physiology, biomechanics and nutrition.

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