Schools within the College of Social Science

Below you will find a list of the six different schools that make up The College of Social Science. The schools of Education, Health and Social Care, Law, Psychology, Social and Political Sciences, and Sport and Exercise Science are home to research that has the ability to change our understanding of individuals’ relationships with society. From Government policy to sport performance, an extraordinary breadth of topics is covered by the School’s Research Centres and Groups.

On the school pages you can find information on research, study abroad opportunities, school seminars, and extra-curricular activites as well as links to social media and blogs to keep up-to-date with everything that is happening. 

The School of Education

The School of Education is committed to the advancement of knowledge and its application in all fields of education. The School's teaching and research are based on the belief that educational theory and practice are inextricably linked. 

The School of Health and Social Care

The School of Health and Social Care is home to a variety of professionally accredited courses in Nursing and Social Work as well as its vocationally oriented Health and Social Care degree. 

Lincoln Law School

Studying at Lincoln Law School will help you to develop a detailed understanding of the rules and institutions that govern our society — a society that is increasingly global in nature — as well as the ability to place the law within its social and political context.

The School of Psychology

The School of Psychology offers a range of both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, and offers a friendly and thriving learning environment with a growing reputation for excellence in ground-breaking research and teaching.

The School of Social and Political Sciences

The School of Social and Political Sciences combines high quality teaching and learning with high quality research across criminology, politics, international relations, social policy and sociology. Providing a friendly and supportive environment, the School's work bears the characteristic hallmark of co-operation and interdisciplinarity.

The School of Sport and Exercise Science

The School of Sport and Exercise Science is noted for its cutting-edge facilities and provides an educational experience within an enthusiastic and supportive environment. Excellent links exist between the School and industry and professional practices, which offer varied opportunities for work experience within the community.

Professional Development Centre

The Professional Development Centre offers professional development programmes, consultancy services and collaborative applied research in the areas of Health and Social Care, Sport and Exercise Science, Law, Social and Political Sciences, and Education.