Research Groups and Centres

The College of Social Science is home to research that has the ability to change our understanding of individuals’ relationships with society. From Government policy to sport performance, an extraordinary breadth of topics is covered by the School’s Research Centres and Groups.

Collaboration across disciplines has led to a dynamic research culture, which has ramifications on a local, national and international scale. 

Across the University of Lincoln, research underpins all our academic endeavours. It enables us to discover, create, disseminate and preserve knowledge.

It is our mission to pursue the highest standards of research excellence with the most talented academics, researchers and students attracted from across the UK and abroad.

Through continued development and investment, we support a vibrant culture of inquiry and initiative, building leadership and research capacity in scholarship and professional practice.

The University of Lincoln is an institution that believes in research that makes a difference. With our strong public mission and a passion for partnership, we have developed an unparalleled place to study and research, where an innovative, open and collaborative culture for scholarship thrives.

For more information on research projects at The College of Social Science please see the list below, or visit our Research blog page