College of Arts Undergraduate Courses

American Studies - BA (Hons)

BA (Hons) American Studies at the University of Lincoln offers students a distinctive interdisciplinary degree drawing on expertise across the University of Lincoln in American history, literature, film, music, theatre, visual arts, foreign policy and politics.

Animation and Visual Effects - BA (Hons)

The BA (Hons) Animation and Visual Effects degree offers an introduction to the innovative world of moving image, digital visualisation and contemporary narrative. The course aims to enable students to develop into creative animators and artists with the flexibility to practise their craft in a variety of media.

Architectural Science and Technology - BSc (Hons)

To meet the global challenges of population growth, rapid urbanisation, and climate change, skilled professionals must produce effective construction and sustainable design solutions that endure over time.

Architecture - BA (Hons)

The BA (Hons) Architecture explores multiple approaches and design practices and aims to assist students in discovering their own voice as a designer. Much of the assessment is through project-based assignments, integrating theoretical, technical and design work. Students are supported in developing written papers, technical studies and design proposals in the studio environment.

Art History and History - BA (Hons)

The BA (Hons) Art History and History offers students the opportunity to explore the rich artistic and architectural heritage of the past and the artistic practices of more recent times. You can learn how to interrogate visual and material evidence critically, and to construct arguments about societies and cultures, their values and identities through the analysis of art, architecture, material culture and other media. Students can work with texts, from medieval chronicles to modern archives and newspapers.

Arts Foundation Year

The Arts Foundation Year at Lincoln provides an alternative integrated entry route onto a wide range of degree-level programmes in the College of Arts, including Animation, Architecture, Graphic Design, Creative Advertising, Illustration, Interactive Design, Interior Architecture and Design, Design for Exhibition and Museums, Fashion, Fine Art, and Product Design.

Bachelor of Architecture with Honours - BArch (Hons)

The programme is validated by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and prescribed by the Architects Registration Board (ARB) as providing exemption from the RIBA Part 1 examinations. It is also accredited by the Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia, the Board of Architects Malaysia.

Classical Studies - BA (Hons)

Classical Studies is an interdisciplinary degree programme, drawing on the variety and richness of research and teaching within the School of History and Heritage and the College of Arts more widely. Students have the opportunity to study the Greek and Roman world and its reception with experts in history and archaeology, the history of art and architecture, heritage and conservation, literary and cultural studies, and philosophy, English, and drama.

Communications and Public Relations - BA (Hons)

Storytelling, crisis management, events, and campaigning form the core of public relations, and our modern approach to communications aims to help students navigate this fast-paced world with confidence.

Conservation of Cultural Heritage - BA (Hons)

The BA (Hons) Conservation of Cultural Heritage degree offers opportunities to gain extensive, hands-on experience working on a range of historic materials provided by museums, historic houses and private collections. Students can become familiar with different materials, time periods and collections, within their historical context.

Construction Science and Management - BSc (Hons)

Our BSc (Hons) Construction Science and Management programme is designed around the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) Education Framework and the curriculum has been developed in collaboration with industry partners, reflecting the quality and relevance of our course content.

Creative Advertising - BA (Hons)

In increasingly competitive global markets, it is the brands with creative, engaging, and innovative advertising that stand out from the crowd.

Creative Writing - BA (Hons)

Develop your own distinctive voice as an author and explore the theory and practice of building a diverse portfolio of work across forms and style with the BA (Hons) Creative Writing degree at Lincoln.

Dance - BA (Hons)

The practice-based curriculum on the BA (Hons) Dance degree at Lincoln reflects the vocational needs of professional dancers. Students will have the opportunity to engage with practical and theoretical methods to become stronger dancers and more dynamic dance makers. A variety of modules offers students the opportunity to develop a range of transferable skills in preparation for their future career. Dance training at Lincoln focuses on contemporary techniques and works to develop and nurture creative practice.

Design for Event, Exhibition and Performance - BA (Hons)

Design for Exhibition and Museums focuses on the design of engaging, narrative environments for commercial exhibitions, events and museums, and offers a bridging of artistic disciplines in a creative, spatial design programme.

Drama and English - BA (Hons)

In studying the BA (Hons) Drama and English degree at Lincoln, students will be encouraged to make connections between the subjects, explore key differences between them and also develop critical rigour while questioning conventional assumptions about literature, drama and the world.

Drama and Theatre - BA (Hons)

Our BA (Hons) Drama and Theatre degree puts the creativity of performance at centre stage and aims to prepare students for a range of careers in the theatre and media, both on and off stage.

English - BA (Hons)

The BA (Hons) English degree at the University of Lincoln explores a lively and varied collection of texts within their historical and theoretical contexts, from Medieval literature and the Renaissance to postcolonialism and postmodernism.

English and Creative Writing - BA (Hons)

The BA (Hons) English and Creative Writing degree at Lincoln combines the study of world literatures with the opportunity for students to write their own original work. Teaching is enhanced by workshops, readings and masterclasses with visiting authors.

English and History - BA (Hons)

Lincoln's English and History degree invites students to consider literature and the past from a variety of theoretical, historical and cultural perspectives.

English and Journalism - BA (Hons)

The BA (Hons) English and Journalism combines a study of English literature with a grounding in a vibrant newsroom environment.

Fashion - BA (Hons)

Representing a powerful form of self-expression, the fashion industry is about much more than just clothes, leading the way in influencing cultural and social trends.

Film and Television Studies - BA (Hons)

The BA (Hons) Film and Television Studies is a theoretically oriented critical studies degree enhanced by opportunities for creative and professional development. Practical work can enable students to deepen their understanding of the critical issues and key concepts of the discipline.

Film Production - BA (Hons)

BA (Hons) Film Production at Lincoln is taught by multi award-winning industry practitioners and research active academics, and is designed to enable students to learn and develop the necessary skills to become the next generation of innovative filmmakers.

Fine Art - BA (Hons)

The BA (Hons) Fine Art at Lincoln is designed to provide the expertise and environment to nurture students’ creative development and expression. They can learn from practising artists and arts professionals, and be introduced to a range of professional and transferable skills.

Graphic Design - BA (Hons)

Graphic Design at Lincoln encourages students to become skilled visual communicators, providing the opportunity to work on projects that require practical skills and creative insight to find innovative solutions.

History - BA (Hons)

History may be concerned with questions about the past, but the knowledge it reveals is relevant to how we think about ourselves and our place within society today.

Illustration - BA (Hons)

Illustrations represent a personal visual language, combining elements of colour, composition, and pictorial space to illuminate, decorate, and entertain across a range of media.

Interior Architecture and Design - BA (Hons)

The BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design degree at Lincoln takes a multidisciplinary approach that positions the subject between the academically rigorous profession of architecture and the fast-paced world of contemporary visual culture and design.

Journalism - BA (Hons)

On the BA (Hons) Journalism degree students are encouraged to put journalistic theory into practice and have opportunities to produce news content to a professional standard while exploring the ethical and legal considerations of the industry.

Journalism and Creative Writing - BA (Hons)

Lincoln’s BA (Hons) Journalism and Creative Writing programme has been designed to enable students to combine writing short stories, screenplays and poetry with the professional writing required by journalists for magazines, newspapers and online publishers.

Journalism and Public Relations - BA (Hons)

The BA (Hons) Journalism and Public Relations degree combines the craft of journalism - spotting a story, researching and writing - with the core skills of public relations such as choosing the angle, exercising good judgement and ensuring a story reaches the right audience.

Journalism Studies - BA (Hons)

BA (Hons) Journalism Studies at Lincoln aims to provide students with an informed understanding of the role of journalism in society, and the intellectual and practical skills required to succeed professionally as a journalist.

Magazine Journalism - BA (Hons)

BA (Hons) Magazine Journalism offers students the opportunity to explore the vibrant, challenging and diverse magazine industry, while producing practical work in digital and print.

Media Production - BA (Hons)

Media Production at Lincoln is focused on the creative foundations and technical skills needed to thrive as a professional in a rapidly changing media landscape.

Media Studies - BA (Hons)

BA (Hons) Media Studies offers students the opportunity to examine the transformative role of 21st Century media in today’s digital society, and to develop advanced critical and creative skills relevant to this new world.

Music - BA (Hons)

The BA (Hons) Music course at Lincoln is a contemporary, industry-focused degree for musicians looking to develop their skills as performers, composers and collaborators within a flexible curriculum that encompasses classical, rock, pop and non-Western music.

Philosophy - BA (Hons)

The BA (Hons) Philosophy degree at Lincoln offers students the opportunity to study one of the world's oldest disciplines. The course enables students to ask some of the most fundamental questions about the world around us and to develop their understanding of the place we occupy within it.

Photography - BA (Hons)

For aspiring photographers and moving image makers, Lincoln’s BA (Hons) Photography degree offers an artistic learning environment that values creative expression and embodiment of the visual form through discovery, engagement and extended practice within a contemporary context.

Product Design - BA (Hons)

With links to the design industry, collaboration with agencies, placement opportunities, and support to launch business start-ups, this course aims to develop the product designers of the future.

Sound and Music Production - BA (Hons)

At Lincoln, our students can benefit from strong industry links, accreditation and extensive practical experience to help prepare them for a career in the exciting and innovative fields of sound and music production.

Sports Journalism - BA (Hons)

The BA (Hons) Sports Journalism is a specialist degree offering students the opportunity to develop core journalistic skills in preparation for careers in the media working with local, national and international sport.

Technical Theatre and Stage Management - BA (Hons)

Lincoln’s Technical Theatre and Stage Management degree centres on the knowledge and skills needed backstage in the live arts, entertainment, and events industries.

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