Events & Conferences* Provocative Pedagogies: Performative Teaching and Learning in the Arts
Provocative Pedagogies: Performative Teaching and Learning in the Arts
LPAC, Brayford Campus, University of Lincoln (map)

This is a one day symposium which will take place in the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre at the University of Lincoln, It will be led by Lee Campbell and Lisa Gaughan and will bring together academics and thinkers to debate the possibilities of the emerging field 'performative pedagogy'.

Performative pedagogy is a growing area of pedagogic interest. The symposium will feature an exciting and diverse range of papers and workshops on the subject. Furthermore, we hope to encounter the ways in which performative pedagogy is useful and applicable to enable learning across a range of artistic disciplines.

We are pleased to announce that our keynote speaker will be Fred Meller from Central Saint Martins. A full programme of the day will be published shortly. Dr Lee Campbell Ph.D., is an artist, curator and lecturer in Fine Art at University of Lincoln. His practice plays with the parameters of contemporary art that draw attention to the performative and the participative within an art historical vernacular and explore how meaning is constructed through politics of space and the politics of artist articulated through visual and verbal languages. He has published extensively in the journals/books International Journal of Performing Arts and Digital Media, Performativity in the Gallery, Body Space Technology, PARtake: The Journal of Performance as Research, and will publish in Scenario - Journal for Drama and Theatre in Foreign and Second Language Education, SPARK, and Journal of Pedagogic Development later in 2017. In August 2017, he has been invited to conduct a project at the Barbican Centre, London through their Creative Learning initiative to explore the relationship between performative pedagogy and vision impairment.

Lisa Gaughan is the Director of Teaching and Learning for the School of Fine & Performing Arts University of Lincoln. She has worked at the University of Lincoln for 12 years and taught across a number of Degree Programmes. She has a background in Community Theatre and Student Engagement initiatives. She recently led a project on Student's Engagement in Curriculum Design which she will be presenting on at the National HEA Conference in Manchester in July 2017.

Fred Meller’s research interests lie in the process of making performance as a dialogical design practice. Specifically, how the principles and characteristics of Performance can be used to interrogate, explore and expand the nature of teaching and learning in the subject area. In particular, she has been researching disruptive pedagogy and relationships of power in teaching and learning and design practice.


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