Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable Architecture research is concerned with reducing the environmental impact of buildings to safeguard the environment as well as enhance the health and wellbeing of occupants. The research findings are diverse and address both theoretical and applied aspects of sustainable planning and development. The impacts of the research have affected a wide range of audiences and beneficiaries at regional, national and international levels. These include individuals and communities, the professions, small and large businesses, local authorities, policy makers and third sector NGOs. Led by Prof. Behzad Sodagar, researchers have designed an award-winning sustainable community building in Lincolnshire and developed design tools and carbon management toolkits for the building industry to help reduce its carbon footprint.

Sustainable Architecture researchers have a strong track record in securing externally funded research projects such as Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, TSB and iNET programmes. Research outputs and activities in Sustainable Architecture are widely recognised, including the Sustainable Community Building which won the Lord Stafford Award for Innovation for Sustainability (2009) and the Green Apple Award for the Built Environment and Architectural Heritage (2009), the Construction Emissions Community of Practice (CECoP) which won the RIBA EM Special Project Award (2008) and Carbon4CAST which won the Ecobuild Innovation Award in 2013.

Key research areas include:

  • Sustainable Architecture
  • Low Energy Building Design
  • Building Performance Analysis
  • Post Occupancy Evaluation
  • Whole Life Cycle Assessment of Buildings
  • Carbon Foot-printing

Examples of recent projects: 

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