Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Department is primarily an advisory unit assisting the University’s management and staff in working safely and legally.

Support provided by the Health and Safety Department includes:

  • The development and review of the university's health and safety policies, codes of practice and guidance
  • The provision of health and safety training
  • Health and safety audits
  • Specialised hazard monitoring, for example noise, light and temperature.

Fire Evacuation Information

On activation of the alarm everyone should leave the building through the nearest available exit and proceed to the designated assembly point.

On discovering an indication of fire occupants should:

1. Operate the nearest fire alarm point
2. Dial 999 and request the Fire Service (9-999 if internal phone)
3. Inform Security (Ext. 6062) of their observations
4. Proceed to assembly point Any employee/student who is with visitors at the time of emergency must also ensure that they follow the evacuation procedure.

On no account must anybody reā€‘enter the building, leave their assembly point, or attempt to move their vehicles without the express permission of the Fire Service, a Senior Officer of the University from Estates and Commercial Facilities Department or the Health and Safety Department.

First Aid

The University of Lincoln provides First Aid provision in compliance with the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations for employees.

First Aid care will also be available for students, visitors or members of the public who become ill or injured on university premises during working hours.

First Aid assistance is deemed to be:

  • Assistance to a person who requires help to preserve life, or minimise the consequences of injury and sudden illness until help from medically trained personnel can be obtained
  • and/or treatment of minor injuries that would not otherwise receive treatment, or which do not require a medical practitioner or nurse.

First Aiders may be contacted by ringing 6666 from a University phone or 01522 886666 from a non-University phone.

Be prepared to give the following details:

  • The location of the injured party - e.g. Engineering Hub - Reception
  • The nature of the first aid assistance required - e.g. person unconscious, cut, fall.


01522 886956

University staff can access the Health and Safety Portal here.