The University in the Community 

The University of Lincoln nurtures and enjoys positive relationships with its local community and we encourage students to become a part of that community and to engage in it. We are  considerate of people whose lives may be very different from our students – young families, older residents and people working at different times of the day and night. Our #lincolnliving campaign raises awareness of living in the community and we actively encourage students to be considerate and good neighbours throughout the academic year. 

The University of Lincoln works in partnership with the Students’ Union, City of Lincoln Council, and Lincolnshire Police to raise awareness with students about crime prevention, fire safety, waste management and being responsible neighbours whilst they study in Lincoln. The University regularly attends community forums and meetings.  

Many students volunteer through the Students’ Union, making a positive contribution to the communities in which they are temporarily resident from helping with litter picking around the Brayford through to being volunteer street wardens.

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Our Student Life project has documented the good relationships our students enjoy with their neighbours.

Watch some of their work here: