The Workshops

The workshops are based in the West Wing of the Art, Architecture and Design Building as part of the School of Architecture and the Built Environment and the School of Design. Technicians within these workshops are there to provide specialist advice to students across all levels in a wide range of manufacturing techniques including areas such as marking, cutting, forming, joining and finishing. They are fully trained on a huge assortment of available machinery and capable of working with materials including metals, woods, plastics and composites.

Incorporated into the main School Workshops, the Rapid Prototyping Suite (RPS) is a facility that is available to use for all students and staff from across the College of Arts. Equipment within the Suite allows complex and detailed three dimensional forms to be made with relative ease and is a valuable addition to the wide spectrum of machines and tools already available. 

Health and safety is of paramount importance when active in the workshops and intensive training is provided on the use of machinery and tools. This ensures that everyone is working in a safe and proper environment and allows the creative process to be as imaginative and fun as it should be with minimal risk.