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Introduction to the Apprenticeship

Agriculture and horticulture production are the initial link to the UK food supply chain and landscaping industry, which makes a significant contribution to the UK's GDP. The industry provides unique opportunities for enthusiastic people to progress in a high tech and innovative environment, working in some of the country’s largest supply chains.

Packhouses handle a variety of fresh fruit, vegetables, cut flowers, and live plants. These products will vary in condition (i.e. unprocessed, washed, cut, packaged, potted etc) but all will have a limited shelf life and very specific storage conditions to maintain product quality and food safety where applicable. The handling and movement of these perishable items requires specialised management to maintain profitability and minimises loses.

Food and plant packhouses collect and process (to varying levels) fresh product and dispatch it to the retailer or move other sites for further processing. Providing a fast paced, customer responsive environment ensuring staff have a stimulating workplace learning a variety of technical, problem-solving, and supervisory skills.

The Packhouse Line Leader is a key supervisory role, helping the company operate efficiently. Line leaders are responsible for a variety of perishable products such as vegetables, fruit, cut flowers, and plants. In addition to this they may also be responsible for a team of people and work with machinery and IT systems to achieve systems to achieve production targets under various time, quality, food safety, and customer pressures.

On completion of this apprenticeship standard it is expected that you will have demonstrated your professional skills and knowledge as a Packhouse Line Leader. You will show that you have a strong set of supervisory skills, a solid knowledge of food/plant production line requirements, and the ability to work with and lead others.

Individuals who have not achieved Maths and English qualifications or those who do not have copies of their certificates will be required to complete Level 2 Functional Skills during their apprenticeship programme.

Individuals who want to achieve professionally recognised qualifications can also access additional study outside of their apprenticeship, through off the job learning and completing NCFM’s relevant professional short courses.

The method of assessment is through scenario-based assessment, knowledge exam, phase tests, project work, and portfolio evidence, with professional discussion, prior to undertaking End Point Assessment.

Apprenticeship Standard

For more information about the Level 3 Packhouse Line Leader standard, go to https://www.instituteforapprenticeships.org/apprenticeship-standards/packhouse-line-leader/

Apprenticeship Qualification Modules (Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviours Units)

  • Safe Working Practices
  • Effective Team Leader
  • Production Performance through Operations
  • Planning and Scheduling of Resources
  • Maintenance of hygiene standards
  • Meeting supply chain and customer expectations
  • Business Improvement and the Management of Change
  • Workplace Project

Apprenticeship End Point Assessment

For more information about the End Point Assessment Process, please go to https://www.instituteforapprenticeships.org/media/2919/st0016_packhouse-line-leader_l3_ap-for-publication_12042019.pdf

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