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Short-term Summer Opportunities

The University recognises that a term or whole year abroad is a huge undertaking and isn’t for everyone. A great alternative is a summer school at one of our partner universities or through an organisation such as the British Council. Summer opportunities are generally a mix of social and cultural activities which can involve taught classes, industry visits, and practical sessions, as well as cultural activities and trips.

These may be restricted to students on certain programmes or open to all students. Please contact the Global Opportunities Team if you are interested in short-term summer opportunities.

2023 Summer Schools

Summer school information for summer 2023 will be available on this page in February 2023. Please check back later to find out more.

What is a Summer School?

  • A great alternative to a study abroad programme
  • A way to deepen your knowledge of a particular subject area or hobby
  • Typically last between 2-4 weeks during June, July, or August
  • A mixture of social, cultural, and academic activities such as classes, industry visits, practical sessions, as well as cultural activities and trips
  • An opportunity to meet new people from around the world.

Many of our partner universities may offer Summer Schools, as well as external organisations offering other opportunities such as the British Council and Camp America. Funding is available through the UK’s Turing Scheme, Course Related Travelling Grant, and the Santander Travel Scholarship.

Where can I go?

Popular summer schools take place across Europe, and as far away as Japan.

How do I apply?

Check this page as we update it each year with new opportunities. You can also speak to our Global Opportunities Team to find out more!


Successful applicants can apply for Santander Funding through Global Opportunities. These funds can be used towards the registration fee, accommodation, and travel. If you wish to apply for a scholarship, please email with the subject line "Santander Funding".

KDU Penang University College Short-term Opportunities

Students from select programmes at the University of Lincoln are eligible to attend a cultural and social summer programme at the KDU Penang University College. Typically the programme lasts two weeks and takes place during the summer vacation. Students are able to visit local businesses, experience classes at KDU, meet local students, and experience Malaysian culture.

Watch our students' videos below to find out more about how much they enjoyed their summer programme and what they enjoyed most.

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