Student Showcase

Work by Our Students

Our students constantly produce innovative and exciting work across a variety of media disciplines. Their work is presented in a diverse range of ways.

In 2019 our students won 3 RTS Midlands Student Awards and took part in the College of Arts ‘Festival of Creativity’ to showcase their final year work around the city.

Our Animation students showcase their work on their own YouTube channel and a variety of work from Lincoln School of Film and Media students can be found on our Vimeo channel

You can also find a selection of promotional trailers for our students' end of year shows and some of their projects on this page. 

'DisRuption Symposium’

In 2019 our Photography students organised a day-long event to share and discuss their ideas about the theme of disruption.

“This is a visual interrogation into disruption on an environmental, social, and personal level. In our fast-paced and ever-changing world, disruption is all around us in many forms. We, a collective of University of Lincoln Photography students, present a study of cultural reinvention through disruption. Our environmental world faces challenges, which can only be addressed by massive changes, our social and cultural identity is driven by new technologies and our personal relationships are shaped by the digital. Where will all of this lead us?”

Find out more about the DisRuption Symposium.

International Student Collaboration

Our Digital Media Students collaborated with students from the University of Applied Sciences in The Hague, The Netherlands. Students worked together to produce an interactive Urban 3D Game Environment, as part of the Erasmus Project.

The aim of the project was to foster knowledge exchange and collaboration between students and staff from different institutions and from different nations.

Using blended and flipped learning, practical workshops and collaborative group work, students and staff from both institutions responded intensively to a creative challenge.

Degree Show Trailers

Below you can see showreels and films of past degree shows featuring work from across the school.