Ergodicity in Physical Systems and Beyond Conference

8-10 Jul 2024

Brayford Pool Campus

Event Information

Ergodicity in Physical Systems and Beyond Conference: 8-10 July 2024

We are proud to be hosting the Ergodicity in Physical Systems and Beyond Conference, which aims to bring together the diverse communities who have an interest in ergodicity and its applications to share recent developments in the field.

Topics to be addressed in the conference include, but is not limited to, the role of ergodicity in the foundations of statistical mechanics, energy localisation phenomena, slow-thermalization processes, long-range interactions, glassy dynamics, KAM regimes, non-extensive statistical mechanics, athermal physical systems, methods to assess ergodicity, and applications to social, medical and economic sciences.

Please note, this event is by invitation only. For further information please contact, Dr Fabien Paillusson by emailing

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