Sustainable Energy and Power Research Group

Sustainable Energy and Power Research Group (SEP) 

The SEP research group, led by Prof Chris Bingham, is comprised of two sub-groups:

  • Power Systems
  • Sustainable Systems

The SEP research group leads systems thinking and applied research to develop new energy delivery approaches for heat and electricity.  As society is rapidly moving into a Whole Systems Place-Based understanding using combined demand profiles, our group leads in the Distributed Generation and Local Area Energy Management approach being developed in the UK and internationally.  This reduces net requirements, introducing new technologies around hydrogen and storage into the medium scale solutions (MESO) for society‚Äôs needs, allowing effective engagement by users and suppliers for truly sustainable solutions.  Our experience in technologies and AI is key to delivering the change needed now.

The two sub-groups' highly integrated activities promote a strong multidisciplinary research culture that enhances the reach and significance of its outcomes, both nationally and internationally.  Partners and stakeholders span the automotive, aerospace, industrial, health, communications, defence, power, agritech and food and drink sector, and other commercial sectors.

Internally, we actively collaborate with researchers in the School of Computer Science, School of Life Sciences, School of Mathematics and Physics, School of Chemistry, School of Pharmacy, Lincoln Institute for Agri-Food Technology (LIAT), and the National Centre for Food Manufacturing.

Please visit our sub-groups for more details.

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Industrial Digitalisation and System Intelligence Research Group

The group's diverse activity encompasses fundamental and applied research in Advanced Control and Diagnostics, Dynamic System Modelling, Image and Signal Processing, System Optimization, and Human-Machine Interaction, including applications such as automotive, aerospace, gas turbines, agri-food, and healthcare.

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