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Image of Marie Rawdon

Marie Rawdon

PhD Title: A Novel Virtual Reality Body Image Training Program in Adolescents accessing Eating Disorder Services. This study will be an RCT testing the efficacy of a Body Image training program delivered through the medium of Virtual Reality in female 14-16 year olds with a diagnosis of Anorexia or Bulimia Nervosa or Binge Eating Disorder.

Image of Ksenia Trischel

Ksenia Trischel

Ksenia has joined the University of Lincoln in 2017 to work on her interdisciplinary PhD project supervised by the School of Psychology, School of Chemistry and Lincoln Institute for Rural Health which explores factors of mental health vulnerability and resilience to stress. More specifically, she is interested in the role of schizotypy and genetic/epigenetic mechanisms in the psychological and physiological stress response and coping strategies during acute and chronic stressors. With a Masters in Cognitive-Affective Neuroscience, her previous work included research on the benefits of mindfulness-based interventions and the effects of prenatal synthetic glucocorticoids on neuronal correlates of executive functioning. Ksenia is an Associate Lecturer at the School of Health and Social Care and a member of the University Alliance DTA Applied Biosciences for Health programme.

Image of Andi Seago

Andi Seago

Andi's background and research interests lie in public health, particularly focused on physical activity and the use exercise prescription for chronic conditions. She is a full-time lecturer teaching anatomy and physiology and exercise prescription for health. With experience across private and public sectors she is in the second year of her part-time PhD exploring the management of heart failure, supervised by the School of Health and Social Care. The overarching aim of her PhD is to develop and test the feasibility and efficacy of an intervention to promote the maintenance of physical activity following initial cardiac rehabilitation in people with chronic heart failure. Using a mixed methods approach, the study is designed to evaluate existing maintenance interventions and the complexities of referral from health practitioners with the intention of informing future delivery and provision.

Image of Alex Edwards

Alex Edwards

Alex is a first year international PhD student supervised by Global Professor Frank Tanser and based in the Lincoln International Institute for Rural Health. His research interests include HIV, non-communicable disease multi-morbidity, mental health, and health access. Alex is an instructor of statistics at Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. His dissertation research examines the synergistic interaction of HIV and cardio-metabolic diseases in sub-Saharan Africa. Using spatial statistics this study will look at social and biological factors associated with multi-morbidity disorder in Africa with an eye toward care optimization and access.