Enhance your Studies

As a student at Lincoln, you will have access to a range of leading-edge and innovative equipment which provide an opportunity to enhance your learning, encourage research, and hone industry-ready skills during your time with us. Our students are able to make the most of these facilities from the start of their undergraduate-level study, through to PhD-level studies.  

The University of Lincoln's Sarah Swift Building is home to a range of clinical suites, designed to simulate hospital wards and home settings. Also housed in this building are our specialist psychology laboratories which include a sleep laboratory, motor lab and EEG laboratories, and a psychophysiology laboratory.

The Human Performance Centre is accessed by School of Sport and Exercise Science students and accommodates equipment such as motion capture and physiological testing facilities, designed to measure and maximise sports performance. These specialist laboratories provide students with access to physiological and biomechanical assessment and are equipped for both teaching and research. 

Lincoln Law School also features a moot court and you can benefit from a courthouse-style simulated environment, complete with judge's bench, witness stands, clerk's desk, and defence and prosecution solicitor benches. This specialist opportunity allows you to realistically experience key principles of modern legal practice from a variety of courtroom roles.

Students also have access to ICT suites and technical staff who can offer support in the design and execution of experiments and assistance with specialist software.

Clinical Suites

The clinical suites in the Sarah Swift building are used by the School of Health and Social Care to simulate real hospital and home environments, and feature the latest in patient simulation technology.

Students have access to simulated male, female, and infant patients that feature realistic anatomy and clinical functionality, as well as CPR mannequins to help develop clinical and decision-making skills during scenarios and clinical practice. The replicated ward environment is of an NHS standard and features realistic patient bays, as well as clinical equipment and consumables to provide a realistic workspace.

The suites are located in the new Sarah Swift building and are available as learning environments for students on the Nursing, Social Work, Physiotherapy, Midwifery, Paramedic Science, and Occupational Therapy courses.

Human Performance Centre Labs

The Human Performance Centre is used by the School of Sport and Exercise Science and these specialist laboratories feature modern equipment in order to undertake physiological and biomechanical assessments.

The labs are equipped for both the teaching of students, academic research, and also outside consultancy with businesses and elite athletes. The equipment used ranges from treadmils and ergometers, through to gas and lactate measuring equipment, motion detection, impact analysis, and an endless pool.

The labs are located in the same building as the university sports centre, where the School of Sport and Exercise Science is also based, and are available as learning environments for students on the Health and Exercise Science, Physical Education and Sport, Sport and Exercise Science, Sport Development and Coaching, Strength and Conditioning in Sport, Sport Science, and Sport Therapy courses.

Psychology Labs

The Psychology Labs in the Sarah Swift building are used by the School of Psychology for research projects in areas such as forensic psychology, perception and cognition, development and social behavior, and autism.

Students have access to equipment such as a dynamic 3D body scanner, an eye-tracker, Psychophysics, Molecular lab, and driving simulator to use in their both their own research as well as at a postgraduate level as part of one of the many research groups in the school.

The labs are located in the new Sarah Swift building and are available as learning environments for students on the Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Research Methods courses.

Moot Court

The Moot court is used by Lincoln Law School and is a mock-court environment which students can utilise as part of their studies.

The Moot Court is located in the refurbished Bridge House and features judges bench, witness stand, clerks desk, as well as prosecution and defence solicitors benches to simulate the environment of a working court room. The Moot Court therefore allows students to explore the key principles of modern legal practice in a variety of courtroom roles.

The Moot Court is available as a learning environment for students on the Law, Law and Criminology, Law and Business, Criminology and Criminal Justice, International Business Law, and International Law courses.