Scientist of the Year Awards

Scientist of the Year Awards

At Lincoln, every year in September we hold a special event to recognise our local areas young scientists. Lincolnshire Schools are invited to nominate their ‘Scientist of the Year’ from their Year 10 and Year 12 cohorts. Awards are presented in biology, chemistry, physics, and computer science during an evening of science held at the University of Lincoln with the winning students receiving a certificate and prize where possible. These students are then invited to this special event with their teachers and families which includes a keynote lecture that aims to stimulate interest and encourage students to enjoy and pursue science. 

As 'Scientists of the Year' winning students are asked to give back to their schools and college by organising science clubs or activities and building their influence as leaders. Inspiring the next generation of leading scientists is hugely important to us here at Lincoln and we hope that our Scientist of the Year winners will be the inspiration for their peers and help us create future Scientist of the Year.

If you're a school or college based in Lincolnshire and are interested in participating in the Scientist of the Year Awards get in touch today by emailing the lead organiser Mr Dave Spafford at


Timeline of Activities

Key dates are outlined below the activities which need to be completed and by what deadline in order to get involved with our Scientist of the Year awards for 2022.

June 2022 Register your School or College for the Scientist of the Year Awards 2022
July 2022 Nominate your students as Scientists of the Year
September Join us in Lincoln for the awards ceremony  

Scientist of the Year Awards 2021

Award being presented

Professional Photoshoot

Family getting refreshments
Networking event


Work in Industry? Get Involved.

Are you passionate about the education of science amongst young people? There are many ways you can support our Scientist of the Year Awards to contribute to the future of science. 

Help us inspire and encourage the younger generation to enjoy learning about science by sponsoring our Scientist of the Year Awards. We are looking for industry sponsors for this event to allow us to encourage the work of young people in science by recognising their achievements. Your sponsorship would contribute to putting on a fantastic event where young scientists are celebrated. 

We also aim to promote STEM businesses and develop the local understanding of what a career in science might look like. By simply sending a representative to our Scientist of the Year Awards event you would be helping us to achieve this. Introducing you to the students and their teachers and families that attend would help to build a realistic picture of what pursing science in education could lead to. 

Contact us to get involved and support the next generation of scientists.