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Within the College of Science, we offer a range of masterclasses available in science, mathematics, engineering, and technology. Our masterclasses cover varied topics within these fields in order to inspire the next generation of scientists and support them in deciding what they might like to study if they choose to undertake a degree. All our masterclasses aim to give school and college students an insight into university teaching, in particular giving them a taste of science at Lincoln.

Our dedicated academic team are available to deliver these masterclasses physically, either by visiting your school or college or during a visit to our campus. There is also the possibility for masterclasses to be delivered virtually, either live with the option to include interaction such as question and answer sessions or pre-recorded. Delivery is dependant on your preference, academic availability, and the Government guidelines at the time.

Please explore our range of pre-prepared masterclass topics below and enquire now to make a booking. Alternatively, if you have a particular topic in mind which is not fulfilled by the below options, you can request bespoke activities by contacting us directly at

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Physics Masterclasses

Students working on physics together

3D Printing Under the Microscope with Dr Claire McIlroy

Does Mr Entropy need Phoenix Wright? with Dr Fabien Paillusson

Quantum tunnelling: applications in experimental physics with Dr Manuela Mura

Chaos theory: what is 'the butterfly effect'? with Dr Matthew Booth

Quantum dots: what, why and how? with Dr Matthew Booth

Error propagation: what does calculus have to do with experimental physics? with Dr Matthew Booth

Fantastic Worlds and Where to Find Them with Dr Phil Sutton

Mathematics Masterclasses

Predator-Prey Mathematical Models and their Applications in Real-World Problems with Dr Helen Christodoulidi

Fractals, Hausdorff Dimension and the Coastline Paradox with Dr Anitha Thillaisundaram

Maximisation and Minimisation Problems and their Applications in the Science and Industry with Dr Martin Greenall

Simple Maths of Complex Birds Flocking with Prof. Andrei Zvelindovsky

Cardinalities with Dr Simon Smith


Computer Science Masterclasses

Students learning about robots


Robot Programming with Prof. Marc Hanheide 

Seeing the World in Motion: How a bio-plausible visual neural network extracts motion cues with Prof. Shigang Yue

Crowd AI with Dr Olivier Szymanezyk

Working with User Feedback in Video-Games Dev with Dr Olivier Szymanezyk

Treason in Board-Games: What can video-game designers learn? with Dr Olivier Szymanezyk

Neural Computation Topic with Dr Vassilis Cutsuridis

An Introduction to Programming and Medical Image Analysis with Dr James Brown

Engineering Masterclasses

Bend it like Beckham (Magnus effect) with Dr Amir Badiee 

Pasta-tively amazing Constructions (Marchetti Bridge) with Revdr Alex Borman

Measuring with certainty (Calibration) with Revdr Alex Borman

Students working on an engineering project

Virtual Masterclasses

Over the last two years, as a university we have delivered a multitude of virtual events to a range of different audiences. These have included masterclasses in a number of topics with STEM which are all now readily available to watch via our College of Science YouTube channel. Watch and re-watch our masterclasses at your leisure to get a flavour of teaching at Lincoln. Why not start with our masterclasses from our Fast Foward Event in 2021 which include sessions on Biomedical Science, Medicine, and Physics.