Research in the College of Science

At the Forefront of New Discoveries

Research is central to the College's mission. The establishment of infrastructures that both sustain individual excellence and promote a vigorous research culture is an integral aspect of the College’s overarching research strategy.

Our research aims to be relevant to the field it relates to, and something that will make a difference to local, national, and international communities. Research is not only crucial in underpinning our academic agendas, it is vital to the economic success and social fabric of society.

Academic staff undertake world-leading or internationally excellent research, providing students with the opportunity to learn from some of the finest thinkers in their field. Across the College, staff are working at the forefront of new discoveries, from pioneering research to develop more effective radiotherapy treatment for thousands of cancer sufferers, to ground-breaking research into climate change and meteorology.

Research and Enterprise

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